Will Dean Ever Be ‘The Bachelor’? He’s Not Ruling It Out

Bob D’Amico/ABC

Some may think Dean Unglert should run and hide from anything Bachelor Nation related right now, but that's not what he plans to do. The former fan favorite certainly has had a rough stint on Bachelor In Paradise, where he became the target of some backlash, thanks to his behavior towards Kristina Schulman. When Bustle caught up with Dean at the End-Of-Summer Bachelor Party, benefitting Restore Dignity, he was apologetic about his indiscretions. He also wants fans to know that, given the chance, he'll do better next time. Dean isn't done with the Bachelor franchise and would even consider being the bachelor, if he was offered the gig.

Speaking to Bustle, Dean was very candid about his hopes for his future with the franchise and the Bachelor in Paradise behavior many have criticized him for. "I'm sorry for letting you down. The only thing I can really hope to do is like, digest this and hope to grow from it," he says, when asked about his reaction to the fans who felt truly disappointed by him this season. "I mean, I promise to do better moving forward or at least put my best effort in it."

Does this mean that he would want to go back to Bachelor In Paradise for another season? He definitely hasn't ruled it out. When asked specifically if he would return to the show, he responds, "Paradise? I mean, probably. To be completely honest with you."

As for this teasing tweet by Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss about Dean's possible nomination for a future Bachelor? It seems that Dean was at least intrigued by the idea.

"I still don't necessarily know how I feel about that," Dean says about taking the role of Bachelor. "But yeah, fast forward two or three years if the opportunity is still on the table... always worthy of consideration."

The fact that he is willing to return to Bachelor In Paradise at least shows that he is not giving up on using this avenue to find love, and becoming the Bachelor would increase his chances of success.

Based on his comments, it seems that a Dean-centric Bachelor season could be in our future. After all, this BIP controversy will only help him stay relevant in the franchise. And who doesn't love a comeback story?

Additional Reporting by Mallory Carra