Will Demario Jackson Return To 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 4? Here's What We Know So Far


In a statement released on Tuesday, Warner Bros. announced that it has decided to continue filming Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 now that its internal investigation into allegations of misconduct is complete. Now that the show is officially back on, who will return? In particular, will Demario Jackson return to Bachelor in Paradise? Bustle has reached out to Jackson for comment, but has not yet received a response.

It wouldn't be a surprise if Jackson does not return as this is a situation that now involves lawyers for both Jackson and fellow BiP contestant Corinne Olympios, but nothing is official yet.

Jackson released the following statement on Wednesday, June 14:

His statement came on the heels of Olympios claiming she was a "victim" in a statement of her own:

According to TMZ, no decision has been made on whether Jackson or Olympios will return to filming, and Warner Bros. did not share information on whether they two will be part of the season.

Jackson and Olympios have been at the center of reports about the production shutdown following allegations that there was a sexual encounter between them that may not have been consensual.

Regarding the investigation into allegations of misconduct, Warner Bros. released a statement that read in part,

In addition to the statement the contestant released, Jackson's lawyer spoke to People on June 17 and claimed that a review of show tapes would prove his client did no wrong:

On June 13, Jackson spoke to TMZ on video, mostly saying "no comment" in response to questions, but saying he's "all good" in response to a question about being upset at Olympios:

TMZ on YouTube

In a recent development, Olympios' lawyer, Martin Singer, said in a statement to Bustle on Tuesday afternoon:

Warner Bros. had no comment on Olympios' lawyer's statement.

It's still not clear whether Olympios or Jackson will return to BiP. The series is set to return this summer.