Derek & Taylor Could Get Married On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 5, But Should They?

Paul Hebert/ABC

Honestly, if there is one shining light that came from an otherwise pretty frustrating season of Bachelor In Paradise it's Derek and Taylor. These two paired off right from the beginning and, though they hit some rough patches along the way, their relationship has been truly adorable to watch from week to week. They are rumored to be engaged in the Season 4 finale and of course fans are wondering, will Derek and Taylor get married on Bachelor In Paradise Season 5? Come on, we need a new Jade and Tanner or Carly and Evan televised wedding to watch!

Although they haven't come out and said anything regarding wedding plans at the moment (after all, Taylor and Derek's engagement is relatively new), part of me could definitely see them being the type of couple to go back to where it all started to seal the deal with a Bachelor In Paradise wedding. After all, they fell in love on TV, they may want things to come full circle. Plus, who can say no to having their ceremony paid for by a TV network?

Is that necessarily what I want for them? Not really. To be honest, it always kind of makes me nervous when Bachelor In Paradise couples choose to continue the "show" aspect of their relationship and get hitched in front of a few million of their closest friends and fans for television cameras. I mean, Jade and Tanner are the gold standard for this scenario but how many Jade and Tanners are truly happening here?

Then there is the issue of their careers. Sure, they have already gone through the craziness of Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons, so obviously they are not too concerned with how they are portrayed in their chosen fields but adding a wedding spectacle on top of everything? I feel like as a commercial banker and a mental health specialist, maybe it is time to just start their lives together as a normal, real life couple. There really isn't a need to continue the show, especially since living in the real world together seems to be what breaks most Bachelor In Paradise couples up once the cameras stop rolling. It is fairly easy to have a romantic connection in a luxurious resort on a beautiful beach in Mexico, but when you translate that into sharing a bathroom in your two bedroom apartment in Seattle (I have no idea what kind of domicile Taylor has in Seattle but this sounded good), things may evolve a little bit in the relationship. Whether a couple can roll with these changes after the spotlight is taken off of them is really where you separate the wheat from the chaff.

So, should they add a televised wedding ceremony on to the already unique pressures that their quick relationship brings with it? Well, that is not for me to decide. If they choose to go with a wedding back on the beach in Mexico next season on Bachelor In Paradise, then that's their choice, and people will surely tune in. It does feel like these two have the chemistry and love for one another to take them the distance, so no matter where or how they make it official, I just hope they live happily ever after.