'Don't Be Tardy' Could See A 7th Baby In Season 7


Don't Be Tardy has never failed to deliver plenty of laughs and drama, with former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak-Biermann leading the pack. This season was no different. From polygraph tests and kids sneaking out of the house, to Kim’s not-so-happy phone reunion with her mother, this season took family feuds to the next level. With the season finale airing Dec. 15, fans are left wondering when Don’t Be Tardy will return for Season 7.

Bravo has yet to officially announce when or even if the show will return for Season 7. If the show does return, unfortunately, it likely won’t be until mid to late 2018. The last six seasons of the show have premiered a roughly a full calendar year apart.

After five seasons on RHOA, Kim and her husband Kroy Biermann — whom she met on the show in 2003 — scored their own spinoff series following them and their six kids: Brielle, Ariana, Kroy, Kash, and twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren. And according to Kim, another little baby Biermann could be coming along on the next season.

In an interview with Extra TV, Kim gushed about having baby fever. I’m bothering Kroy about [having a seventh child] right now,” she said. Kroy chimed in and vaguely stated that they “could make that happen.” So not exactly a yes, but not a no either.

Next season may also focus further on the relationship between Kim and her parents, from whom she’s been estranged for the last six years. This season she was prompted by Brielle to reach out and try to make amends. But when Brielle placed the call to her grandfather, her grandmother Karen answered and the invitation for a reunion visit was brushed off, triggering a heated response from Kim listening near by. “I’m not surprised she answered my dad’s phone,” Kim said in response. “She’s like super controlling, always has been. She’s got his hands cuffed.”

Things didn’t end well between the family members, and Kim isn’t too interested in repairing the relationship and made it clear on the show that she won’t be allowing Karen back into her life. But, Kim told Bravo's The Daily Dish that she would not stand in the way of her kids seeing their grandparents. "I've learned after many years that my mom is who she is and that's it," Kim said. "I'm thankful for my upbringing. I don't have any regrets, but I can't change somebody. So it took me many years to realize that. But I will never discourage Brielle or Ariana or any of them to not have a relationship with their grandparents or whoever they choose to have a relationship with."

Speaking of family, Brielle is currently on shaky ground with her mom and Kroy, after revealing her plans to move in with her boyfriend Michael after his baseball season was up. The family headed to Turks and Caicos for Kim and Kroy’s vow renewal trip, when Brielle dropped the news about the move. Kim immediately said, “No. Not smart.” Kroy asked rhetorically, “Why do you continually bite the hand that feeds you?” Kroy continued to slam Brielle by not-so-delicately reminding her that she had “no plan” and “no career.”

Brielle was clearly hurt by the exchange. But echoing her parents' statements, later she revealed that she was indeed “scared” about the possible move. Whether or not she decides to go through with it has yet to be seen. But regardless of what happens in the Season 6 finale, it'll be interesting to see where the family stands come Season 7.