The 'Famous In Love' Stars Share Their Hopes For Season 2

by Victoria McNally
Freeform/Tony Rivetti

Freeform’s Famous In Love only just premiered, and already TV fans are dying to know whether or not the show is coming back for more episodes. Their excitement is perfectly understandable — especially now that Pretty Little Liars is finally ending after seven years, they’re going to need somewhere to get their fix of showrunner Marlene King’s exceptional brand of YA novel-inspired drama. So is Famous in Love returning for Season 2? The cast of the show is already looking ahead to future episodes, and dished to Bustle during the Freeform Upfronts red carpet about what they want for their characters if the series gets renewed.

"I don't want to spoil anything from Season 1, but it gets pretty crazy and my character is left in a place where his life is really in flux," Carter Jenkins says of his character Rainer. "So I hope that he’s on a path of growth and prosperity [in Season 2]." He jokes, though, that shows like this don't tend to work if everyone is happy and healthy — so Rainer is unlikely to be drama-free any time soon.

Meanwhile, Keith Powers, who plays troubled heartthrob Jordan Wilder, admits that his character is still not over his feelings for pop star Tangey Turner. "I want to see him press for Tangey more, because that’s what he wants," he says. "And he was nominated for a Golden Globe, so I want to see him get that Golden Globe. "

Freeform/Eric McCandless

But Pepi Sonuga, who plays Tangey, has other ideas for her Season 2 journey. "I want to see her take control of her own life," she says. "I want to see that come into full circle realization and see where she takes that and how she handles being a boss — if she’s a nice boss or like her mom."

Georgie Flores has a similar idea, saying that she wants her character Cassie to do something she cares about, "whether she decides to become a painter or a stylist or a nail technician … you don’t have to be an actor or even in the limelight to be happy."

Freeform/Tony Rivetti

Unfortunately, here’s the bad news: So far, no one from Freeform has said one way or the other whether or not there are plans to renew the series for another season. But there is a silver lining, which is that the network’s decision to release all 10 episodes onto their app and website at once after the show’s April 18 premiere certainly paid off.

According to a press release provided to outlets like Spoiler TV, Famous In Love got over 10 million views across all platforms in the first five days after it premiered, mostly from marathon-watchers who polished the whole thing off in two days or fewer. Another interesting tidbit: The first person to finish the entire season in its entirety did so at 3:29am ET on April 19. Dang, that is some commitment.

The show didn't just succeed on the Freeform app, either; the broadcast premiere, which followed Pretty Little Liars, got some pretty decent ratings as well. In that same press release, Freeform reported that it was the biggest series launch for the network since Shadowhunters last year, and the second highest rated cable scripted TV series that night for female viewers aged 12 to 34. Not bad, considering that Pretty Little Liars has pretty much held down the number one spot for most of its run.

Freeform/Tony Rivetti

Based just on the ratings, odds are looking pretty good that the cast will get their wish and Freeform will bring Famous In Love back for more sordid movie star shenanigans. Until it's completely official, though, I'm still gonna keep my fingers crossed!