Why Frank Stans Should Be Worried About His Fate On 'HTGAWM'

Frank tracks down Laurel in How To Get Away With Murder Season 6.

Spoilers ahead for HTGAWM Season 6. Frank has killed plenty of people on How To Get Away With Murder, but after last Thursday's Oct. 17 episode, Annalise's right hand man appeared to get a little taste of his own medicine when Bonnie found his bloodied, beaten body on her doorstep. But figuring out whether or not Frank will survive on HTGAWM is tricky, especially since it's unclear what kind of shape he's currently in. What makes this all so scary though is the fact that viewers aren't used to seeing Frank in such a vulnerable position like this. Typically he's not the one being hurt — he's the one doing the hurting. And since this serves as the show's final season, his safety is in no way guaranteed.

If the promo for this week's episode, titled "We're All Gonna Die" is any indication, Frank's fate should be made clear by the end of the hour. He appears to be in pretty rough shape, but he's still breathing which is a good sign, though Bonnie's tears seem to suggest otherwise. Still, "we're all going to die" is not a great omen — it already looks like Annalise and Connor are in trouble judging from the flashforwards, so why not Frank?

However, promos like this tend to be purposefully misleading, so it's important to always take the provided footage with a grain of salt. But as it stands now, there are a few different theories about how this storyline could play out, and not all of them are in poor Frank's favor.

Frank Will Die

When dealing with the final season of any show, especially one centered around murder, no character is safe from harm. Anything could happen at this point, and yes, that includes Frank's demise. For years, Frank has done everything he could to protect Annalise, but when it comes to protecting himself, he may have fallen a little short and underestimated his opponent.

He Goes Into A Coma

At the same time, it's just as possible that Frank's injuries prove to be so extensive that it puts him into a coma, unable to communicate with his team about anything he may have discovered about Laurel and Baby Christopher's whereabouts. Are they OK? Was Laurel herself behind his attack? A coma would make those questions a lot more difficult to answer, and let's face it, leaving viewers hanger has proven to be this show's specialty.

He Makes A Full Recovery

Then again, this could all turn out to be a red herring and end with Frank making a full recovery. Of course, his troubles will still be far from over, but it's still the happiest outcome one could ever expect from this series, which makes it the least likely to happen.

Frank's story could go in any direction right now, but these characters have proven to be survivors over the years, none more so than Frank. So at the very least, fans shouldn't give up on him just yet.