Hawk May Be Dale's Best Hope On 'Twin Peaks'

Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Spoiler warning for Episodes 1-4 of Twin Peaks: The Return! One of the Twin Peaks revival storylines most infused with classic Twin Peaks nostalgia has to be centered on Hawk's investigation into Dale Cooper's disappearance. In Parts 1 and 2, it was revealed that only Hawk would be able to find Dale because of his "heritage," as Margaret the Log Lady disclosed when she called him at the station to inform him of his new and almost supernatural purpose.

Hawk's heritage, already referenced on Twin Peaks, appears to be just one of the many tools at his disposal in order to find Dale. This is 2017, after all. Even the sleepy logging town of Twin Peaks had to modernize at some point.

More on that in a second. For now, I'll stay focused on Hawk's investigation into Dale's 25-year long disappearance. Some of Part 3 and the bulk of Part 4 of the Twin Peaks revival is focused around the Twin Peaks Police Department reopening the investigation into the missing special agent, thank to the Log Lady prodding Hawk to keep searching.

Hawk rounds up everything that the police department had on Dale's disappearance and brings in the preciously-dimwitted Andy and the best damn secretary in town, Lucy, to assist with the investigation. Of course, bringing along these two may prove to be more hindrance than help: in one moment, as the three of them surveyed the clues to find out where to begin their investigation, Lucy's misguided focus on a half-eaten package of chocolate Easter bunny evidence only seems to annoy Hawk as he searches for answers.

However, for long time fans of Twin Peaks, seeing these three back in action feels like the good old days. Sure, they may be fumbling around in the dark to figure out where to begin, why they have to find Dale now, and what kind of information they're working with, but it's nevertheless comforting to know that if anyone is going to be searching for Dale during the revival, at least it's going to be three of his oldest friends. Speaking of which: an eagle-eyed Twitter user, @loweees, spotted this moment from the 1991 Twin Peaks pilot, and it's been making it's way around the Twitter-verse because of its prescient quality. Spooky, right?

Part 4 is not only a fun reopening of the dynamics between Hawk, Andy, and Lucy, but we also get a peek at how the Twin Peaks Police Department is operating these days. When Frank Truman arrives at the station and nearly frightens Lucy to death (bless her heart, she still hasn't figured out that using a cell phone means you can be anywhere, as opposed to using a landline), he immediately takes in the situation at the station. Truman's rounds reveal a top-notch — for Twin Peaks, that is — crime lab in one wing of the police department. There's a bank of computers, a group of four or five people milling around and fussing with equipment, and one woman monitoring what appears to be the phones or a CCTV feed for activity. Get your best life, 2017 Twin Peaks PD!

It's a bit more comforting knowing that there's actual high-quality tech equipment and a bigger team of Twin Peaks police at Hawk's disposal for this investigation. Finding Dale is going to be a hell of a task, but if anyone is going to do it, it's good to know that it's Hawk.