The Future Isn't Clear Anymore For Jane & Rafael On 'Jane The Virgin'

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Spoilers ahead for Jane the Virgin Season 5, Episode 4. Jane and Rafael's relationship was miraculously still going strong after Michael returned from the dead. But now that Michael has his memory back, are Jane and Rafael on Jane the Virgin broken up? Rafael asks Jane to leave their apartment in "Chapter 85" after he remembers how Jane chose Michael over him back in Season 2. They understandably both need space to figure out how to move forward, but is Rafael really done with Jane? While it's certainly not the end of this love triangle, it might mark the end of Jane and Rafael's current relationship as fans have known it.

Nothing about Michael returning from the dead has been simple. But it was easier for Jane to choose to stay with Rafael in the Season 5 premiere when Michael/Jason didn't have any of his memories. And this pair was being the tiniest bit naive when Rafael said, "We are going to get through this," and Jane replied, "We are." Because as the narrator warned, "Which, of course, was the story they were telling themselves, but stories, as we know, don't always go the way we hope." And just a few episodes later, Rafael realizes he can't go through potentially losing Jane to Michael all over again.

Richard Foreman, Jr./The CW

Jane was all set to submit the papers to legally divorce Michael. But with Michael remembering her — and remembering that he loves her — she is conflicted all over again. That's totally fair (and something she should have totally seen coming), but Petra unintentionally makes matters worse by telling Rafael that Jane did mail the divorce papers. Rafael is doubly hurt when he finds out that Jane mailed them and then immediately regretted her decision and got them back. And when Jane can't answer whether or not she still loves Michael, he kicks her out of their apartment. "Waiting for you to pick Michael almost killed me," Rafael says. "I need you to leave."

The goodwill that Rafael earned for selflessly bringing Michael back hasn't all gone away with this decision. But some points have definitely been deducted from #TeamRafael. If Sin Rostro hadn't staged Michael's death and given him amnesia, Jane and Michael would still be together. And so it's unfair to Jane (and really unfair to Michael) to demand that she know how to handle this. But by not thinking through what she would do once Michael got his memory back, Jane hasn't helped the situation. So you can get why Rafael needs a break from Jane instead of being in a state of love limbo like he has been in with her and Michael so many times before.

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It's not clear if Rafael asking Jane to leave their home was his way of breaking up with her or if this is temporary. But it seems that this part of their love story might be over unless Jane quickly realizes she wants to be with Rafael over Michael. And it doesn't seem likely that she can figure that out for sure without spending more time with her long-lost husband. And now Rafael has made it clear that he will not stand by and wait for her to do that.

What's interesting is that Jane and Rafael's Season 5 relationship is mirroring Jane and Michael's Season 1 relationship. At the end of the Season 5 premiere, Jane got dressed up in a yellow dress and went to Rafael's work to tell him they should move in to their new place together. At the end of the Season 1 premiere, Jane got dressed up in a yellow dress and went to Michael's work to propose to him. Both times she was recommitting to her current partner after something completely unpredictable happened to her — Michael returning to the dead and getting inseminated with Rafael's baby.

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In Season 1, Jane and Michael ended their engagement only a few episodes later and Jane got with Rafael before eventually choosing to marry Michael in Season 2. So if Jane the Virgin continues to follow a similar pattern, she could end up trying things with Michael again before ultimately deciding to be with Rafael. But knowing Rafael's current mental state, the question in that scenario would be: Is Rafael still be willing to be with Jane? And right now, it's not looking as promising for this seemingly destined pair.