Why Jon Snow Is Destined To Die On 'Game of Thrones' — Again


At one point, in Game of Thrones, The Hound tells someone whose head he's about the burrow an axe into that they are "sh*t at dying." Someone on Game of Thrones who is far from sh*t at dying is Jon Snow, having successfully died once when the Night's Watch took turns treating him like a watermelon on the first day of summer. With five episodes left in the series, there are still plenty of opportunities to see if Jon Snow will die in Season 8, which is pretty likely given that there is an entire army of the dead heading towards his home.

Death is a constant threat on Game of Thrones, but with only a few episodes left and the largest threat in Westeros history marching south, the number of major character deaths in the series is likely going to skyrocket at the end looms closer, and just because Jon is one of the show's main characters doesn't mean he's safe. He's already living on borrowed time from R'Hllor, the Lord of Light, if Melisandre is to be believed. It's implied in the series that both Jon Snow and Beric Dondarrion have only been brought back to life fulfill the will of the Lord of the Light, and that death will return to both of them after their duty has been fulfilled.

Whether this means they'll drop dead after the White Walker threat has been destroyed or a tragic fate will befall them at some point after their purpose has been served has yet to be seen, but as they say in Essos — Valar Morghulis.

The odds are against him, and if Viserion and the Night King can take down the wall, they can easily kill someone who got tricked into becoming a pin cushion when a literal child told him his uncle who had been missing above The Wall for six seasons just showed up and sent the Night's Watch member who hates Jon Snow more than anyone else to come fetch the then-Lord Commander. Jon Snow may be a leader who up until recently was King In The North, but in many ways he still knows nothing about ruling or making well-informed decision in battle — although he does have the absolute knowledge of what happens to people when they die, which is fun for him.

If it was only Jon Snow who was leading the charge against the undead, it's almost certain that he would die. He almost lost his army, his life, and his home of Winterfell in the Battle Of The Bastards before the Knights Of The Vale showed up at Sansa's behest due to his impatience.

While Jon is skilled at one-on-one combat against others, his most useful skill has long been diplomacy, uniting others under a similar cause, and making friends with all the right people.

Jon Snow can't bargain with the White Walkers, and it's doubtful that the Night King would agree to one-on-on combat, leaving Jon Snow at a severe disadvantage. Jon Snow's life is clearly important to the Lord of Light, but the R'hhlor's influence may be the only thing keeping Jon Snow alive at this point, especially since he seems unable to keep himself out of harm's way. While only time can tell fans whether or not Jon Snow will die and stay dead, it appears that his death may be foretold to come sooner rather than later.