Will Laurel & Frank Get Back Together On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? Karla Souza Teases The Couple's Future

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Although the main mystery of How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 is the murder of Wes, there are many smaller mysteries that drive the lives of the characters — questions that fans want answers to as well, like whether Laurel and Frank will get back together on HTGAWM anytime soon. Fortunately, Laurel's portrayer, actor Karla Souza, gave Bustle some (vague) answers about the future of the on-again-off-again couple.

And Flaurel (Lank?) fans will be happy to know that Souza says that a reconciliation isn't necessarily out of the question. "You never know," she teases. "He's paying his dues. He’s in prison because of Laurel; like, Laurel put him in there, so she's making him pay in some way." Although the act of condemning your former lover to jail time might seem like a deal-breaker for most couples, Souza insists that Laurel's actions don't necessarily come from a place of hatred — or even apathy.

"Her little speech to him saying, 'I loved [Wes] so much more than I loved you, it should have been you'… that's pain out of love," says Souza. "She wants to hurt him. If she really didn't care about him, she wouldn't be telling him in the first place. She wouldn't be asking to see him in prison." You see? Getting your ex arrested is a sign of love!

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Souza certainly doesn't want to diminish Laurel's feelings for Wes, the father of her unborn child — but she's also realistic about the nature of soapy serialized shows like HTGAWM and how quickly they often cycle through different relationship permutations. "She just lost the guy who she's been with ... and was like her best friend. It's such a shock to lose someone like that, so I think she's living with the grief of that and blaming it on Frank, but I can see that turning very quickly. Who knows?"

Who knows, indeed? But it's possible that there's another obstacle to a Laurel and Frank reunion other than her character's grief. If you've been picking up on some subtle vibes between Frank and his coworker Bonnie, you're not alone. "He's sort of hinting towards Bonnie now," Souza admits. "So I was like, maybe they're going to go that route? I don’t know. I'm as clueless as you guys," she insists.

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Even if Laurel and Frank do eventually end up heading down the path of reconciliation, Souza cautions viewers not to get impatient. With only one two-hour finale left in Season 3 and the identity of Wes' killer still left to uncover, there's unlikely to be much time for Laurel to be changing her relationship status on Facebook. "That's what's so interesting about having a TV show, the length of seasons gives the opportunity of characters to really explore relationships and really forgive," Souza concludes.

So while it might be comforting for 'shippers to hear that forgiveness could be in the cards, it sounds like we shouldn't get our hopes up for a dramatic, loving reunion anytime soon. If Laurel and Frank do find their way back to each other, it sounds like it's going to be a process that plays out over many episodes, and will likely be a storyline that continues into next season. At least we already know HTGAWM is renewed for Season 4, so we don't have to worry about the show being cancelled before we get one last steamy makeout sesh between the show's most volatile couple.

Additional reporting by Martha Sorren.