Why Luke P. Would Be Either The Best Or Worst Thing To Happen To 'Bachelor In Paradise'

John Fleenor/ABC

The Bachelor franchise doesn't sleep, so if you thought you had time to detox after Hannah B.'s finale, think again. Bachelor In Paradise is just around the corner, and aside from the cast that's already been announced, there are a few other people who could be heading down to Mexico — and bringing their drama with them. For example, if Luke P. goes on Bachelor in Paradise, there's no telling what might happen.

Though we don't yet know how his time on The Bachelorette will shake out, viewers are pretty sure the explosive argument teased in show promos will mark the end of Luke's relationship with Hannah on Monday night. That means Luke will probably be single following the show, and might be willing to head to the sandy beaches of Paradise for another shot at love.

Nothing has been confirmed, but would his addition to the Bachelor In Paradise cast really be a good idea? The Bachelor spinoff follows a different format than The Bachelor/ette, gathering together various men and women from past seasons in the hopes that they'll mingle and ultimately couple up with one another in a romantic, tropical setting. It sounds peaceful, but in reality, it's a powder keg for drama, and Luke would only add to the mayhem.

Given his past behavior, some fans are hoping he doesn't show up:

It's not surprising fans are feeling this way. Luke has proven through his conflicts with the other men on Hannah's season that he can't really get along with people in a group setting, and he's also had a rough, at times toxic relationship with Hannah. It seems unlikely that he'd have much luck finding a healthier romance on Paradise so soon after his Bachelorette experience.

The Bachelor In Paradise cast members who have been announced so far include Blake, Clay, and Wills from Becca's Bachelorette season as well as Cam and John Paul Jones from Hannah's season, the latter of whom have, of course, already had to deal with Luke. There's also Hannah's former Bachelor co-stars Demi, Tayshia, and Katie, who surely wouldn't be too happy to see him given how he's treated their friend. So, Luke wouldn't exactly have much of an opportunity for a fresh start were he to show up on BiP.

Besides, people seem pretty sick of seeing him, so while they might have been willing to sit through weeks of his B.S. for Hannah's sake, having to watch him again on Paradise might be the breaking point.

On the other hand, Luke would make for "good" television. His presence would essentially guarantee the drama that the franchise thrives on, so it wouldn't be all that surprising if producers cast him. Fighting and arguing will bring in ratings, and with Luke there would probably be no shortage of that. Plus, people might want to know if he's learned anything from watching his behavior play out on TV and receiving so much backlash from fans.

Ultimately, whether or not Luke ends up on Paradise could depend on what you want producers want on the show: his drama could make him the best thing for it, but it could also make him the worst.