'Manifest' Is The 'Lost' Update You Always Wanted, But Streaming It Just Got Harder

by Sophie McEvoy
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The Fall TV season in the U.S. often generates a lot of buzz, and last year NBC pretty much slayed it with the premiere of Manifest. The show's pilot pulled in a staggering 10.3 million viewers, and it's clear that audiences are hooked to the mystery-drama. UK viewers may be wondering if they'll be able to experience the hype surrounding this series, and whether Manifest will be on Netflix UK?

Well for now it's a no, but it's not something to be ruled out. I reached out to a Netflix representative who tells me that while there is no information regarding Manifest being available to stream on the UK version of Netflix, they will let me know if any news does come up.

Personally, I think it will eventually find its way on to British screens one way or another. Take This Is Us for example. The beloved NBC drama premiered in the States in September 2016, and found its way onto British screens — thanks to Channel 4 — that December. It's now also on Prime Video in the UK, which is another place Manifest could eventually end up (*fingers crossed*). Currently Manifest is only available stream in the U.S. on Hulu and NBC's own streaming site, but there's no harm in hoping, right?

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I mean, stranger things have happened. Okay, maybe not as strange as the narrative in Manifest. If you aren't clued up as to what the show is about, here's a quick rundown. Basically, a routine flight between Jamaica and New York hits some bad turbulence due to an unforeseen storm, and the plane is struck by lightning. Thankfully, no one is injured and the plane lands safely, but the passengers and crew soon come to realise that five and a half years have passed, and they've all been presumed dead.

Say whaaat? And the drama just keeps unfolding from there, and will continue to do so (hopefully) for another six seasons, according to showrunner Jeff Rake. In an interview with Collider, Rake spoke of how he has a six-year plan for Manifest.

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"I landed this idea over a decade ago and, at that time, I always knew the end game," he explained. "The many layers I intend to bring to the show have been the result of my own contemplating, over the years."

Raker also intends to make sure that the show balances itself carefully between the drama and the mythology, making it easier — and more exciting — for viewers to follow.

"There's drama with the parents and kids. And then, the procedural story typically touches upon our ultimate mythology because what the audience will come to discover is that these mystifying abilities that our planes passengers find themselves burdened or blessed with, ends up informing our close-ended mission of the week."

C'mon, Netflix. You've gotta pick this show up for UK viewers to stream — I need to know what happens!