A Plane Crash Could Bring Tragedy To Grey's

Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

Another day, another disaster on Grey’s Anatomy. Just when Meredith and the remaining gang (which is just Bailey, Karev, and Webber at this point) were safe in their beds at night, Meredith and Riggs seem to get on a plane to nowhere. Haven’t we already seen this already? Will Meredith die in a plane crash on Grey’s Anatomy? These guys don’t have much luck with aviation.

For those of you who took a break and don’t remember the first plane crash, I’ll recap. The team — Cristina, Meredith, Arizona, Derek, Lexie, and Mark — went for an organ thing, and their plane crash. Arizona lost a leg, Derek really jacked up his hand, Lexie and Mark died, and Cristina and Meredith were left with long lasting trauma. Of course, they did end up suing the hospital for negligence and getting a ton of money, but was it worth it? We’re about to find out, because the preview for the new episode shows Riggs and Meredith on a plane together, and things aren’t going so well. There is turbulence (and not the good Lil’ Jon kind), there is screaming, and there are those oxygen masks dropping from the ceiling. That’s not what I want to see on a plane.

As there is no show without Meredith Grey, I doubt that Shonda will kill off her main character. What I do think will happen, though, is that Riggs and Meredith will grow so much closer after experiencing a traumatic event together, and they’ll finally go out. Telling Maggie will be easy compared to being in an almost plane crash. Meredith and Riggs will realize that life is too short to be sad and alone, and they’ll be together, and they’ll live as happily as possible ever after. Maybe. You can never tell with Meredith.