Meredith May Have Found A New Derek On 'Grey's Anatomy' & Fans Are ON BOARD

Eric McCandless/ABC

Sorry, Mer and Der shippers — this one’s gonna sting. Derek’s been dead for a few years now on Grey’s Anatomy, and though Meredith came close a few time to finding a new love, it didn’t work out. She either wasn’t ready or Riggs was in love with his presumed dead fiancée, etc. It’s understandable. But now, in Season 14, Meredith may be ready to move onto the next phase of her life. Will Meredith and Nick get together on Grey’s Anatomy? Derek fans, it’s time to let go.

Scott Speedman (aka Ben Covington from Felicity, which happened 20 years ago but is the only Scott Speedman character I truly care about) is Nick, a visiting transplant surgeon who has just finished doing a surgery when — boom — he collapses. Luckily, he has Meredith Grey to scoop him up and help diagnose him. Ben Covington, I mean Nick, is six weeks post-op from his kidney transplant, and has jumped back into work way too early. He’s in awe of her Harper Avery-winning intellect, she probably just thinks he’s cute (he is, so go Mer), and they talk and chat in a way that people who just met don't usually do. Oh, and Meredith is trying to make sure the whole time that Nick is not rejecting this new kidney. He needs this kidney. He’s a single guardian taking care of his 16-year-old niece. Really, could this guy get any better?

Honestly, not really. Meredith and Nick had more chemistry than most of the other, more established couples on Grey’s Anatomy. And I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

In the end, Meredith saves Nick’s kidney (because of course she does), and they all go back to their lives… and yet. Nick is interested, definitely, and Meredith is interested. She tells Alex that it’s the first time since Derek that she felt something, and then Shonda Rhimes did something mean to us — she flashed back to that scene where Derek and Meredith met in the bar all those years before. Of course, Twitter freaked out.

While Nick and Meredith are still just friends, there are a few reasons why they could be more. The first is that Speedman has more than likely been killed off of his old show, Animal Kingdom, making room for him to spend some real time in Seattle. The other is that Meredith is now open for something more, for something bigger. She likes her life right now, she says, and it’s usually when people are content with everything else that love is allowed to creep in.

Honestly, this is the best thing that could happen to Grey's Anatomy right now. After 14 seasons, I still love Grey's Anatomy, but the news that Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew, aka the great Arizona Robbins and April Kepner, respectively, are leaving Grey's Anatomy has thrown many viewers for a loop. These are fan favorites! Alex and Jo are happy; Maggie and Jackson are a joke (don't come at me, Jaggie fans, because I don't care); and Meredith is loveless. Give us something to look forward to, Shonda! Because I'm not going to be excited about Owen crawling back (and subsequently being kicked out by) Teddy. He'll probably go back to Amelia next, anyway. Or finish his European tour being chewed out by Cristina. No, let's give Grey's Anatomy fans what they want — for Meredith to have the full life she deserves. She has a great family and a great job, but what about great love? Derek is Meredith's past, and Nick could very well be her future.