Why Mike Will Likely Stay On The 'Bachelor' Franchise If He Ends Up With Hannah Or Not

ABC/Robert Clark

Mike has been a fan favorite all season on The Bachelorette, but it's unclear if Hannah feels the same way. We've seen some poignant moments between the two of them earlier in the season, but lately, so much time has been devoted to Luke P. drama that it's unclear where they stand now. If he isn't Hannah's final choice, then might we suggest that Mike heads to Bachelor In Paradise for another shot at love?

ABC hasn't yet announced if Mike will join the Paradise cast — obviously, since that would spoil what happens with him and Hannah. But his charismatic personality could make him the perfect candidate, and announcements about who we'll see on the beach this summer have already started rolling out. The cast so far includes some of Hannah's former suitors, like John Paul Jones and ABC Cam, as well as Onyeka, Tayshia, Katie, Jane, Hannah G., Demi, and Caelynn from Colton's season of The Bachelor, and a number of people from older seasons, too.

Mike has proven time and time again that he's game for a laugh and the occasional clapback when people get dramatic, which would make for pretty amazing TV in the more casual setting of Bachelor In Paradise.

And in addition to his fun nature, Mike has always seemed genuinely invested in finding love. He's had serious conversations with Hannah about the difficult parts of his past, and he's interested in growing and sharing real experiences with a partner. He's up for the fun that Paradise offers, but wouldn't just be there to goof off. We also know from his Instagram that he's into the beach, so what's stopping you, ABC?!

All that being said, there are a few reasons Mike may not be joining his fellow Bachelor/ette alums on the sandy shores of Paradise. For one, he has a job that doesn't sound like something you can skip out on for too long. He's a financial portfolio manager, and a career in finance probably doesn't allow for time to be on more than one reality show in a year. But hey, maybe he'll take a cue from many previous Bachelor Nation alums and step back from work for a while, riding the fame wave as far as it'll take him.

The second reason Mike might not partake in Paradise is one that's a lot more fun for viewers — he might be headed to the Bachelor mansion once more, this time as the one handing out the roses. Though ABC hasn't even vaguely hinted who the next Bachelor will be, fans are already demanding it be Mike. For all the same reasons he'd be great in Paradise, he'd also make a pretty amazing leading man.

So if Hannah doesn't choose Mike, hopefully he'll pop up again somewhere in the Bachelor franchise. He's an example of the kind of guy the show needs more of, and he should be able to stick around, whether on Paradise or on a season all his own.