'This Is Us' Fans Shouldn't Worry About This

by Amy Mackelden

One of the more morbid pop culture questions of late has to be regarding whether or not Milo Ventimiglia's character Jack on This Is Us is going to die in Season 1. Avid Gilmore Girls fans will probably have trouble getting their heads around the idea that Ventimiglia is in fact fallible, but the team behind the hit NBC show have been excitedly discussing how and when Jack will die. So will Milo Ventimiglia stay on This Is Us? The show just got renewed for two more seasons, after all.

The actor has been outspoken about how much he loves playing Mandy Moore's husband on This Is Us. At the 2017 TV Critics' Association press tour in California on Wednesday, he said, "I knew from the very beginning that Jack was deceased." The show's creator, Dan Fogelman, even revealed that he let Ventimiglia in on the secret of Jack's fate once they'd filmed the pilot. While fans are already devastated about the fact that the Pearson family patriarch won't be around forever, fans of the actor are obviously concerned that Venitmiglia won't appear in Season 2 or 3.

As Fogelman explained,

There's a before and after for this family. Even in the pilot, even before you knew there was anything off with Jack, there's a hinge in this family, and it's kind of a before with Jack and an after. That will be really interesting in future seasons and as we go forward, to show... what happened to these people before and after it.

While I'm already devastated about the fact that we will find out in Season 1 of This Is Us how Jack dies, it's sounding hopeful that Ventimiglia will remain on the show throughout following seasons.

As the series relies on flash backs, flash forwards, and dream sequences (when Randall hallucinates a conversation with his father, for instance), it's incredibly likely that Ventimiglia will appear in This Is Us Seasons 2 and 3. The family, including Jack, have experienced so much together, and his role in the show is crucial. Even when the actor's not on screen, his character is present, as he's such an important influence in the lives of everyone else.

As the show's creator Fogelman discussed revealing more about the characters, "in future seasons and as we go forward," it certainly sounds like Ventimiglia will stay on This Is Us. As the actor has described the role of Jack "the best of his career," it seems unlikely that the actor will leave the show any time soon, which is great news for viewers.