'Modern Love' Has SO Many Love Stories To Choose From In Season 2

Though the show could easily stand as a one-season limited series, it's just as likely that Modern Love will return for Season 2. The new Amazon anthology is based on the weekly New York Times column of the same name, which has been around since 2004 and, at this point, has included hundreds of non-fiction essays each telling a unique love story. There is also a book version, Modern Love: True Stories of Love, Loss and Redemption, that features some of the most popular columns, including the ones adapted for the Amazon series. So suffice it to say there is a wealth of material to choose from for a potential Season 2 — and well beyond that.

Like the source material, all of the episodes in Modern Love are standalone narratives, with only the final one referencing any of the stories. For instance, there's an episode in which Anne Hathaway plays a woman with bipolar disorder that focuses on how it affects the relationships in her life. There's also one in which Tina Fey and John Slattery play a married couple considering divorce. (Yes, there are a lot of A-listers on this show — yet another reason it should come back).

That being said, Modern Love has so far only been picked up for this first season, so a renewal will likely depend on how it's received. Reviews thus far have been generally positive, though the show has been criticized for focusing only on well-off New Yorkers. "[I]f the stories can fall prey to 'Wealthy Upper West Siders: They're Just Like Us!' self-flattery, most of them are also sincere, thoughtful, and generous of spirit," writes Alan Sepinwall for Rolling Stone.

Caroline Framke's review for Variety is harsher, noting that the show is a "saccharine series of clichés that promises way more insight than it's ultimately capable of." She did praise the episode with Fey and Slattery, and similarly, many critics pointed out that certain episodes are stronger than others, which is pretty par for the course for an anthology series.

It remains to be seen if Amazon will green-light the show for more episodes, but if it does come back, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Amandla Stenberg could play the college girl whose Instagram is painting a false picture to her crush; Awkwafina could channel the woman whose ex cropped her out of a photo for his dating profile; and in an ironic twist, Daniel Radcliffe could be the celebrity interviewer who fears famous women have ruined his chances to find real love. The door is truly wide open.