Here’s How To Make Sure Your iPhone’s Time Is Correct After DST Ends On Sunday

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The dreaded end to daylight saving time is almost among us. On Sunday, Nov. 4 at the stroke of 2:00 a.m., the clocks will fall back one hour, making it 1:00 a.m. for the second time and marking the official start of standard time. That means the mornings are about to get even darker and gloomier, the days are about to get even shorter and chilling, and night will seem like this grueling, endless wash of darkness. OK, it's really not that bad, it's just and hour, and thanks to modern technology, you might not even notice that it's happening at all! If you're wondering if your iPhone's time will automatically go back when daylight saving time 2018 ends, you'll be happy to know that yes it does, so you literally don't have to do a damn thing. And look at the bright side of this dark morning, you get an extra hour of sleep!

Whether your Saturday night is still going strong, or you're fast asleep when the clocks change, your phone will know just what to do and will adjust itself immediately. Not only will your wallpaper clock be changed, but all of your appointments will appear to you in standard time to ensure that your Sunday isn't a scheduling disaster. We've all experienced the panic of not knowing if we're an hour late or an hour early or just on time for an appointment after the clocks change. And what's worse, we have to wonder if the person we're meeting knows that the clocks have changed too and just creates a general sense of anxiety. But knowing that all iPhones change automatically when the clocks change should put you at ease; everyone's on the same schedule as you — life goes on accordingly.

As for all the other clocks in your life, you'll most likely have to manually change them. Or, if you're like me, you never change the clock on your oven or microwave, and spend have the year subtracting or adding an hour to figure out what time it is. That said, I suggest taking the time this year to change all of your clocks that need your help. I think that's probably my idea of the most adult thing you can do. To ensure that this actually happens, repeat after me: "Hey Siri (wait for her to awaken like the genie she is), set a reminder for Sunday, Nov. 4 at 10 a.m. to change the clock on the stove, the microwave and the car." BAM! It's done, it's taken care of. When you awake at a leisurely hour, Siri will remind you that you need to take a few seconds to update the appliances in your life. Suggestion: do this exactly when you the reminder comes on to the screen, the more you put off annoying tasks, the harder they are to complete. Just set it and forget it.

Until Sunday, Mar. 10, when you have to push the clock forward an hour again for daylight saving time. But let's be honest, by then you'll be really excited to change the clocks and probably won't need as much encouragement.