The One Clue Nicole From 'The Bachelor' Will Probably Be On 'Paradise'

Rick Rowell/ABC

If at first you don't succeed, try, try Bachelor In Paradise. At least, that's the mantra that so many former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants decide to adopt in the seasons following their shows. Sure, they didn't find love while on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but they certainly aren't about to let a second chance slide by. Colton's season of The Bachelor has begun to thin out, and while we don't know who wins just yet, we can speculate about what's next for his contestants. For example, will Nicole be on Bachelor In Paradise? She would be perfect for the upcoming sixth season.

If the regular Bachelor franchise is Coca Cola, Bachelor In Paradise is Mountain Dew. You don't know why you love it, but it's oddly satisfying sometimes, and you go with the craving. Because there's much less pressure and fewer rules, it's also easier to find love and loosen up. Nicole has proven she has a great personality on Colton's Bachelor season, and being on a show like Bachelor In Paradise would really allow her true self to shine through. Of course, we don't know when, how, or if Colton eliminates the Miami-based contestant, but if anyone's ready to sip drinks lovingly made by former Bachelorette star Wells Adams and Winter Games breakout Yuki Mori, it would be Nicole. Casting news for Bachelor In Paradise doesn't come until the spring, usually, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Right now, it seems like Nicole might get her chance at Paradise, because things aren't… going so well in terms of The Bachelor. The Feb. 4 episode left off with a "to be continued" because Nicole and fellow contestant Onyeka were having a screaming match: Onyeka told Colton Nicole's intentions might be questionable, Nicole said Onyeka had misconstrued the situation... yada, yada, yada. Honestly, the longer these types of fights start to go, the harder it is to know what anyone is screaming about anymore. But the worst part of this fight is that when Colton came over to talk to Oneyka and Nicole about why they were howling like hyenas, they kept fighting and talking over each other... in front of Colton. On top of Colton, basically! It was something that has rarely, if ever, happened on The Bachelor, and may not ever happen again. Oneyka and Nicole both had tunnel vision that prevented them from acting like normal people. It was astonishing.

Colton stormed off — not jumping a fence, but that will come later — and the episode ended with everyone in a tizzy. Unless they can make up for their unfortunate behavior, Nicole and Oneyka must feel that their days on The Bachelor are numbered. Luckily for Nicole, this sort of screaming match is ideal fodder for Bachelor In Paradise, so if producers want to cast the both of them, they may be in for a ratings bonanza. Swimming, sipping cocktails, and having fights while wearing bathing suits. What more could a girl want?