'Sharknado 5' Sets 'Sharknado 6' Up For Some Sea-rious Time Travel

Simon Mein/Syfy

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming premieres on Aug. 6 and, this time, the storms show little mercy (hah, as if they did before). The shark tornadoes spread across the globe — and they even seemingly take the lives of a few fan favorite characters. SPOILERS ahead for Sharknado 5. The possibility of time travel is introduced at the end of the fifth installment, making it totally possible that the dead Nova and April will return for Sharknado 6 if the next installment happens. After all, the cliffhanger shows Gil Shepard (now several years older and played by Dolph Lundgren) reuniting with his dad Fin (Ian Ziering) after everyone thought the youngest Shepard had died.

Gil tells his father to come with him "where it all began. It's the only way to save mom, our family, and the world." Then, he explains to Fin that a sharknado explosion in Tokyo sent him back in time. "So you turned a sharknado into a time machine?" Fin responds, confirming that traveling through time will now be part of the Sharknado franchise — and the plot of a possible Sharknado 6 could be all about saving those who were lost in the fifth movie.

The final act of Sharknado 5 shows the vicious storms on a campy killing spree, taking the lives of everyone from most of the Shepard family to the entire city of Dusseldorf, Germany. Throughout the movie, Nova (Cassie Scerbo) was determined to find Fin and April's young son Gil after she was blamed for him getting entrapped in a sharknado twister. Nova fights the Tokyo sharknado from the inside with the help of the Sharknado sisterhood (yup) to try to save Gil, but to no avail.

Yana Blajeva/Syfy

After the twister explodes, Fin and April (Tara Reid) find Nova laying in the street, dying. "Gil's gone. He's dead," Nova declares as she cries. "I tried everything. I'm sorry." Even Fin and April's older son Matt (Cody Linley) perishes at their Kansas farm called April's Acres.

Using the artifact, April and Fin travel to Egypt, where they find a machine to control the core of the shark tornadoes inside the Sphinx. It works for a little bit, but then the storms become even more aggressive and forms a sharknado-tsunami hybrid that heads straight for Cairo. Together, April and Fin attempt to stop it using her battery-powered body and the key found inside the Sphinx. Good news: the sharknadoes cease. Bad news: the energy overwhelms April's battery and she explodes. Fin finds her head detached from her body.

Yana Blajeva/Syfy

The introduction of time travel is hinted to in several moments of the film. When April and Fin use the artifact to travel to Egypt, Fin has a flashback to chasing young Gil at a cemetery. In addition, April convinces Fin that getting another chance is always possible. "There are second chances," she tells him while they are inside the Sphinx, before her death. "I got you."

This franchise has seen April come back to life before, so it could most likely happen again — and, this time, Nova could possibly come back, too.