Fans Have Many Ideas For 'Sharknado 6'

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Yana Blajeva/Syfy

Honestly, isn't the cinematic brilliance that is another Sharknado movie exactly what this world needs right now? The fifth installment of this campy, faux horror, shark-fest premieres Aug. 6 on SyFy and it is sure to bring forth some moments that are worthy of some seriously vigorous live tweeting. Fans have come to expect a new entry of this franchise every year now since the first film debuted in 2013, and, so far, SyFy has delivered a new one annually around August. So, will there be a Sharknado 6 in 2018?

As of right now, there has been no official word on whether there will be a sixth installment of the series. After all, the fifth movie is only just premiering. The good news is that this franchise doesn't seem to losing steam with its fanbase. The entire cast was present again for a panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, where stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid spoke to the fact that the phenomenon that this movie has become still shocks them, five films later. Ziering also pointed out that Sharknado is one of the most popular television movies of all time, which speaks to the staying power that it has for future installments. To put it in perspective, the second installment of the film series generated one billion Twitter impressions, according to Wired.

When the cast spoke to Entertainment Tonight during their time at this year's Comic-Con, Ziering said that the annual release of a new Sharknado movie has become a summer event for fans. Even Sharknado watch parties have become a thing, and, as Ziering put it, the series has become "appointment television." So, it's probably safe to assume there will be another installment of the series.

To further prove the demand for more movies, fans have been tweeting their hopes for another film, as well as their ideas for Sharknado 6. The main consensus seems to be the need for a time-traveling theme...

There Was Talk Of Time Travel

Some Fans Sent Out Prayers

Some Fans Asked The Important Questions

People Offered Their Skills & A Brilliant Title

Basically, fans think it would be a tragedy to stop this twister at movie number five — and, unless something wildly unexpected happens, viewers can likely expect a sixth coming their way in August 2018.