'Shut Eye's Star Is Ready To Go For Season 3

Jessica Brooks/Hulu

Shut Eye is a dark and twisty crime drama that tells the story of Charlie Haverford, a failed magician turned clairvoyant psychic who suddenly has to deal with having real visions. The show's characters are complex, the plots intense, and the stakes are always high in the world of Shut Eye. And, because it's a Hulu show, the series is easy to marathon, as all the episodes are released at once each season. Now the show is two seasons deep, and if you already burned through the most recent batch of episodes, you may be wondering, will Shut Eye return for Season 3?

Shut Eye first premiered on Dec. 7, 2016 and its second season premiered Dec. 6, 2017 on Hulu. That would put a third season premiere date in likely December of 2018. But, Hulu has not released a statement about the fate of Shut Eye, so it's not yet known whether the show will return for Season 3 at all. (Hulu didn't respond to Bustle's request for comment about potential Season 3 plans.)

The show has been met with generally favorable Season 2 reviews. For example, Entertainment Weekly gave it a B-, though it also critiqued the show's seeming inability to commit to whether magic is "the real deal or just a grift." Meanwhile, the show's Rotten Tomatoes score is a mid-range 66 percent from a handful of ratings. None of this is very conclusive though, and it's quite possible that fans who watched Season 2 loved all of it and are eager for more. (Ah, the danger of marathoning a show that drops all at once — then you're left waiting 12 months for more.)

Fortunately for fans, actor Jeffery Donovan, who plays Haverford, seems optimistic about the show's future. Though he noted that there hadn't yet been talks about more episodes, in an interview with Collider he spoke about the potential for a third season of the show, saying:

"I think we all hope [it will happen]. Creatively, I think [writer] John [Shiban] has some ideas. I was very adamant about being in the room with John, talking about how Season 2 should go. I took a laissez-faire attitude about Season 1, and I don’t think it helped the show, so I was very adamant about being in the room with John. I wanted to be able to say, 'Hey, this is where our show works best. I’m not a genius and I’m not a writer, but I think this is where our show lives,' and he agreed. I hope you’re seeing the results in Season 2.

An involved star that is hoping for another season bodes well for the show, and Donovan likely has some ideas for the future of his character as well — given how much fun he had exploring a new, bolder Haverford in Season 2. He told Collider:

"It’s a dangerous thing, but you’re gonna see Charlie believe in himself. When he starts believing in himself, that’s when you go, 'Woah, this is the Charlie that has been waiting to come out.' You’ll see him become bigger and grander than even he imagined, in the second part of the season."

With his character development only just starting to really blossom, it's possible Hulu will want to give the show another 10 episodes to explore Haverford. (The first two seasons were also 10 episodes, so it stands to reason that any follow up seasons would be the same.)

While the fate of Shut Eye is still unknown, at least there are 20 episodes to watch and re-watch on Hulu for now. And, anything beyond that would be a nice bonus for cast and fans alike.