Will ‘Sneaky Pete’ Return For Season 3? The Show’s Fans Are Already Begging For More


Fans of Giovanni Ribisi, Bryan Cranston, and cases of mistaken identity rejoice! Amazon original series Sneaky Pete returned for its second season on March 9, and with how quickly this show is bound to deliver thrills, fans are already looking ahead to its future. So will Sneaky Pete return for Season 3?

So far, there's no word from Amazon on a renewal, but we likely won't have to wait long to find out — Amazon ordered more episodes of Sneaky Pete less than a week after its first full season debuted on the streaming service in 2017, according to Variety. At the time of its debut, the drama nabbed the second largest premiere day streaming audience, with only The Man in the High Castle beating it out in that regard, the same article reports. Sneaky Pete's first season also has a 100 percent positive average score among critics on Rotten Tomatoes — a coveted status — and a 91 percent positive audience rating on the same site. On the day of its return, Twitter was also abuzz with fans who were already talking up the second season of the show. So, though there hasn't been an official announcement of renewal, things are looking pretty good.

It's no surprise that people have been anxiously awaiting Sneaky Pete's return — dramatic teasers have ramped up excitement and left the fates of its characters largely up in the air. Ribisi, who plays Marius on the show, told Collider that even he wasn't able to say much about the fate of Sneaky Pete. "I’ve heard murmurs [about a renewal], but we don’t know if we’re gonna be picked up or not," he said in an article published earlier this week. "We’ll see what happens, I guess."

If Season 2 is any indication, though, there's plenty to explore. Ribisi told The Hollywood Reporter that the show was expanding upon the groundwork built in its inaugural batch of episodes. "I'll definitely say Season 2 is a lot bigger and sprawling, and there are a lot more storylines that all coalesce, of course at certain points, and then from that there's complexity in the best way," the actor said. "I think I'm honestly still digesting it, and I guess the tone of it feels a little bit like a heist."

He echoed those same thoughts in the same interview with Collider, adding that not only is the show's plot exploring new avenues, but the cast is also welcoming intriguing additions. "In Season 2, the show definitely becomes a bit more expansive and other characters are introduced. There’s the character of Maggie, who is real Pete’s mother, and she’s played by Jane Adams, who’s such a phenomenal actor with so many unexpected qualities," Ribisi said.

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New faces in an already stellar cast are enough to further pique interest. Between Ribisi, Cranston (who also is a creator of the show), Ethan Embry, and Marin Ireland, to name a few, there's a lot of talent behind the project. Not to mention Margo Martindale — I would go to the ends of the earth to watch that woman read two lines.

And the premise not only sets itself up for endless possibility — it also spans genres, not allowing viewers to get too comfortable in what they're about to see. "There’s something inherently funny in a lot of cons," executive producer Graham Yost told TVLine. "In watching Marius go up against these people and try to pull something off, you’re sort of with him yet you’re also kind of the person who’s being conned."

This story doesn't necessarily have a solid endgame — a con man like Marius can get himself into all sorts of hijinks, and you never quite know where the narrative is going to go. Hopefully Sneaky Pete is given the opportunity to flex its storytelling muscles long past Season 2.