Tinder UK Users May Have To Wait A While For The App's 'Swipe Night' Series


Thanks to Netflix's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the choose-your-own-adventure format has seen a resurgence in popularity. What once was a popular children's book concept has now become an innovative way to involve viewers with a story. So much so that dating apps want in on the action, with Tinder set to debut a series where users will use the app's swipe mechanics to determine their actions in an apocalyptic setting. But will Swipe Night be available on UK Tinder?

As Bustle previously reported, the series will debut in the U.S. on Oct. 6. In the press statement sent to Bustle, there doesn't seem to be any reference to a UK release for Swipe Night. I've reached out to a Tinder rep as to whether Brits will be able to experience the series, but have yet to receive a reply. I'll let you know if or when I do.

If it takes a while for Swipe Night to make its way across the pond, there will be ample time for Brits to prepare through similar offerings, like through Netflix's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. And if you've already experienced the interactive dystopian series, there are five endings and plenty of outcomes to experience that'll keep you occupied for the time being.


Rewatching (or replaying) Bandersnatch multiple times will also get you used to the way this format works, which has been changed slightly to fit Tinder's app. Not only will your actions progress the story, which will air like a regular TV series each week, but your decisions will also lead to potential matches.

"We want people to bond over not just the individual questions, or which decisions you made as you engaged with the adventure, but more broadly to share that experience," Tinder's CEO Elie Seidman told tech site Wired. "Those shared experiences are fewer and farther between in our world, and they're special when they work."

Swipe Night will introduce a new matching algorithm to the app, which "will be layered on top of preexisting filters, like preferences for age, gender, and location," as Wired explains. "We'll look at the choices you've made and match you with a mix of people, some of whom have made the same choices, some of whom have made different choices," Tinder's chief product officer Ravi Mehta told the tech site.

After each instalment, decisions will be added to the profiles of those who played along, "showing which decisions potential matches did or did not make." Add that to the fact that these episodes aren't replayable; you'll really need to focus on doing what feels right to you at that moment.

"Dating is all about connection and conversation, and Swipe Night felt like a way to take that to the next level," Mehta said in the press statement. "Our hope is that it will encourage new, organic conversations based on a shared content experience."

It's clear that the chose-your-own-adventure format is here to stay, and there are so many possibilities for how it will continue. And it'll be very interesting to see where it all leads...