This New Netflix Holiday Movie Might Top ‘A Christmas Prince’ (Yeah, We Said It)


In Netflix's new original Christmas movie, The Princess Switch, Vanessa Hudgens plays two characters who happen to look exactly alike. Just like when Lindsay Lohan played twins in The Parent Trap and Hilary Duff played lookalikes in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Hudgens' identical characters switch places, and it's such a classic — and wonderful – move. The Princess Switch comes out on Nov. 16, and as soon as you get out of work that day, you'll probably want to rush to your computer to open Netflix. Then you'll immediately want to know if The Princess Switch will get a sequel, because it's just that good.

Since the movie is only just coming out, Netflix will definitely wait a while before announcing whether or not a sequel is in the works. But if the movie ends up taking over the Internet in the same way that the 2017 Netflix Christmas movie, A Christmas Prince, did, you can definitely bet on a sequel. The chances that The Princess Switch will rise to popularity to A Christmas Prince's level seem high too, seeing as the movies don't just share their central theme of Christmas, but they also both involve mistaken identities and royals. Really, it's a recipe for success.

The similarities between A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch shouldn't just give you hope for the high quality of the new Netflix movie, but it also might mean that a Princess Switch sequel is even more likely because Netflix quickly jumped on announcing a sequel of A Christmas Prince, which is set to come out on Nov. 30.

Even though A Christmas Prince and Hudgens' new movie have a lot in common, you don't have to worry about them being so similar that The Princess Switch isn't worth watching. They're not really that much alike, despite the similar fictional European countries in which both movies are set, The Princess Switch is actually more like Selena Gomez’s Monte Carlo, which came out in 2011. But that still doesn't mean that you've seen The Princess Switch before.

Not only does the new Netflix movie starring Hudgens combine the already beloved elements of Christmas and royalty together, but it also has another incredibly fun plot point: a baking competition. Then you throw not one but two exciting romances into the mix, and you get possibly the most perfect Christmas movie imaginable. Wow, Netflix really does have that algorithm thing down, huh?

Netflix/Gabriel Hennessey

Since The Princess Switch debuts more than a full month before Christmas, you have plenty of time to watch and re-watch the fun identity-swapping-unexpected-twinship event. If there were ever a movie to make you crave cake and feel all giddy and festive inside, it's this one.

It seems like Netflix would only be remiss not to bring back the identical characters for more fun in another movie in the future. Then again, The Princess Switch already has a happy ending — as you can imagine — that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, just as a Christmas movie should.