Will The 'Rogue One' Cast Be At The Golden Globes? Get Ready To See Some Of Your Faves

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A lot of good movies came out in 2016, but as a massive Star Wars fan, my favorite by far was Rogue One. If you ask me, it deserves all the awards now that award show season kicks off on Sunday night with the Golden Globes, but unfortunately, it didn't receive any nominations for that one, since it wasn't released in full before the deadline. The good news? That doesn't rule out seeing your favorite actors from the movie hit the red carpet this time around. So will the Rogue One cast be at the Golden Globes? They won't all be in attendance, but you'll definitely see at least a couple of your faves. Update: In a Thursday press release, the Golden Globes announced that Felicity Jones will also be at the show as a presenter.

Earlier: Even though the film itself didn't get any nods, one of the stars did. Riz Ahmed, who played Bodhi Rook, scored a nomination for Best Actor in a Mini-Series or TV Movie for The Night Of, so he's expected to be there. He's up against some tough competition — like Tom Hiddleston and Bryan Cranston — but it would be awesome to see him win, especially since this is his first Golden Globe nomination ever. Plus, when he found out the news, he was pretty excited that his work had been recognized and immediately turned to Twitter to thank everyone who made it happen.

And Ahmed isn't the only Rogue One star who will be there, either. His costar, Diego Luna, is already confirmed to be a presenter, there's no doubt that he will be at the awards, too. My fingers are crossed for some cute Star Wars related jokes from him when he hits the stage.

We may not get any adorable new photos of the whole cast all together on the red carpet like I hoped, but the presence of Rogue One will be felt for sure. Plus, there's always a chance for surprises, so it's hard to know exactly what will happen until the awards air.

And being that this is just the beginning of the season, there's plenty of time for the cast to get together — hopefully to eventually accept an award or two. Oscars, anyone?