Dany's Dragons On 'Game Of Thrones' Are The Key To Beating The Ice Dragon


When the Night King brought Viserion back to life in Game of Thrones Season 7, we knew it was only a matter of time before the Mother of Dragons became aware of her child's terrible fate. And that's precisely what happened during the Season 8 premiere. Bran informed Daenerys that her dragon now fights for the dead, which means Drogon and Rhaegal will most likely be forced to face off against their brother at some point. But will Viserion die on Game of Thrones? That may depend on what element you think will win out in the end: fire or ice?

If you want to get really technical about it, then in actuality, Viserion is already dead. He died the moment the Night King threw an ice spear through his heart. But like the many wights that have become before him, Viserion was resurrected courtesy of the Night King's powers to make the dead rise again. He's no longer the dragon Dany once knew, and while there's still some debate over whether Viserion is an ice dragon or a dragon-wight/White Walker, the bottom line is that he's under the Night King's control now, which makes him an enemy of the living.

So even if he doesn't get end up getting killed (again), there's still a target on his back.

But in order to try and predict Viserion's fate, we need to consider what, exactly, he is. If he is a wight-dragon, then odds are that the same thing that kills wights and White Walkers will kill him. And what kills those things aside from Valyrian steel and dragon glass? Fire. What breathes fire? Dragons — particularly Viserion's two brothers. So it's very possible they will ultimately have to be the ones to take Viserion down.

It'd also be very appropriate considering that his namesake, Dany's brother Viserys, died by fire as well at the hands of Khal Drogo. Perhaps this is supposed to foreshadow Drogon killing Viserion.

There's also the possibility that Bran will end up warging into one of the dragons, perhaps even Viserion himself, and will use the creature to defeat the Night King once and for all. If that happens, there's a solid chance the dragon could die in the process. After all, it's hard to imagine that the Night King wouldn't go down without a fight.

Granted, these are all just predictions at this point, so it's impossible to know whether or not any of these storylines will actually come to fruition. But needless to say, there are a lot of instances where Viserion's death would make narrative sense. It was heartbreaking to see him fall into the icy depths of the water beyond the Wall back in Season 7, and it was be even more devastating to see his fellow dragons be forced to take him down in Season 8 as Daenerys watches in dismay. But that doesn't lessen the chances of it happening.

By now, Game of Thrones has proven that it has no qualms with killing off any character it needs to in order to move the plot forward. Viserion could end up being one more example of that fact, so you might want to start stocking up on plenty of tissues as the season progresses.