This 'GoT' Fan Dream Is Finally Here


Guys, it happened. Sunday night's Game of Thrones had fans weeping the loss of one of Dany's beloved dragons when Viserion was shot with an ice spear by the Night King. But, don't be too sad because we will be seeing Dany's baby boy fly again. The Night King rose Viserion from the dead on Game of Thrones. So, is the dragon a white walker now? He's definitely an ice dragon.

Honestly, seeing Viserion shot out of the sky was traumatizing to say the least. After all, fans have come to love Dany's unconventional babies and I think we all felt her pain when she watched him crash into the ice water below him, as his brothers screamed. Seeing the Mother of Dragons with only two winged beasts by her side will be jarring but if you were upset that Viserion was gone for good, maybe there is a little consolation in this for you. You see, at the very end of the episode, fans saw the wight army using massive chains to drag the fallen dragon from the bottom of the ice lake. When they got him out, the Night King strolled forward, touched the dead beast with his hand and after one agonizing beat, Viserion flicked open his eyes to reveal that they were bright blue. That's right, Viserion is a wight now and that means we have a bonafide ice dragon on Game of Thrones.

Fans have been whispering about the possibility of an ice dragon for a while now. George R.R. Martin acknowledged their existence in a children's book he published well before A Song of Ice and Fire, called The Ice Dragon. Of course, when the White Walker army showed up with undead mammoths and horses, this only fueled the flames of the possibility that a dragon could be brought back as a wight. Tonight, it finally happened and this means that the playing field just got a whole lot trickier for the good guys.

To be honest, I am just dreading the moment Dany has to look up and see her baby as an undead monster and Rhaegal and Drogon having to fight their own brother. Let's hope it isn't too brutal. But... then again, this is Game of Thrones.