This 'BB20' Eviction Was A Shocker On So Many Levels


While some hope may have lingered that the Big Brother bromance of Winston and Brett could have survived thanks to a "Bonus Life" power, the bros have officially been separated thanks to Winston's eviction from the Big Brother house. Winston's eviction will not go unremembered, however, because his departure from the house caused inter-houseguest conflict almost immediately. Between a major fight between some of the remaining houseguests right after he went out the door and Winston telling Julie Chen that he wished only the worst for his former alliance, Winston's exit was definitely memorable.

As surprising as his removal from the house was, though, Winston's shock at his own eviction is nothing compared to Brett's surprise at having to stay in the house following his incendiary eviction speech. While pleading for his right to be in the house to the other houseguests, Brett claimed that one of the house's strongest alliances wasn't as strong as they appeared to be. Brett claimed that Rockstar was going to flip on her alliance members in FOUTTE (Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Faysal) during the vote and go against their plan to evict him. Rockstar did not take kindly to Brett's words, and started dragging him through the mud the moment the doors closed on Winston.

During the episode, Rockstar loudly proclaimed, "I cannot believe on my daughter's birthday that you would sit there and do some crap like that," claiming that no matter what Brett said, America knows who she voted for. Despite Rockstar's defense, Brett held his ground and accused Rockstar of not being able to "own" her game move. Rockstar and Brett's conflict went unresolved, as the two had to get in place for an endurance HoH competition immediately after the eviction, meaning that the argument would have to simmer before it could get discussed further. It seems that Brett's lie about Rockstar – who voted with her alliance to send Brett out of the house, despite Brett's claims – could make him enemy number one in the house, forcing him to fight for his safety for the second week in a row. While blowing up the house may have been a nice consolation for someone who was expecting to go home, the fact that Brett has to face the consequences of what he said shows that one should never assume they've been evicted until they're out of the Big Brother house for good.

Winston, on the other hand, could hardly believe that he had been blindsided by his own alliance. Winston was part of Level Six alongside Brett, Rachel, Angela, Kaycee and Tyler — but while Winston believed that the votes would go unanimously in his favor, the 6-5 split against him was a rude awakening that he had been sent out by JC, Sam, and all of Level Six. Winston told Julie that as he walked out of the house, he ripped a friendship bracelet from Sam off of his wrist and threw it to the ground as a response to the betrayal. Winston's eviction was emotionally charged, but may BB fans on Twitter seem to be ecstatic that he is no longer in the house.

Big Brother 20 has consistantly produced the kind of twist endings that television's most celebrated dramas could only dream of, with each live eviction episode ending with an appetizing promise of the future week's events. Whether it's Kaitlyn getting awarded HOH immediately after flipping on her alliance, Scottie getting HOH after betraying his co-conspirators, or Brett and Rockstar getting into a fight that could inform the next week's events, there's never been a better time to be a Big Brother fan. With the houses' two major alliances — FOUTTE and Level 6 — in open conflict with several swing votes waiting to be catered to (Scottie, Sam, and JC) Winston may actually have gotten off easy by getting evicted when he did.