Yankee Candles Just Dropped Its Ridiculously Cozy New Fall Collection

Yankee Candle

Can you smell that? Can you smell fall in the air? Probably not, as it is, you know — July. But it's never too early to start looking forward to the beauty of autumn/fall/pumpkin spice latte season. And now it's a whole lot easier, because the New Farmers Market Collection from Yankee Candle just dropped — and it will make you want to wear a chunky sweater and frolic in a pumpkin patch ASAP.

The great thing about Yankee Candles is that they're so damn evocative. Even if it's 900 degrees outside, one whiff of a fall-inspired candle and you can start to imagine crunchy leaves and brisk walks. And this collection is even more special because, well, it's related to food. "Celebrate fall with a trip to the local farmers market, with its just-picked fruit, homemade treats, and warm feelings of community," their website explains. "Then, bring the experience home with our Farmers Market fragrances." I'm on board.

From sweet tea treats to herby, nutty scents, there are plenty of different options to fill every candle need. If you've got any fall birthdays coming up, this is your chance to get some shopping out of the way.

It's worth checking out all of the different flavors — I mean scents — on offer, but these are the ones you should be sure not to miss.


Farmstand Festival

What's a farmers market without a farmstand? Apparently, this candle gives out a mulled fruits and berries vibe, along with "rustic scent of weathered wood". I fully expect the "rustic scent of weathered wood" to be someone's wedding theme immediately after they see this candle.


Dried Lavender And Oak

Dried lavender and oak is a totally unusual one — and I have to say, it sounds pretty amazing. With scents like white peppercorn, patchouli, and bergamot, this is definitely an elevated option that doesn't seem too overpowering. Some people like their candles strong, some like them subtle — but this seems like it would fall right in the middle.


Golden Chestnut

The Golden Chestnut option sounds like the kind of candle I would have bought as a child that would have made me feel like a massive grownup. With cinnamon and citrus twists, this definitely has a warming up by the fire vibe, perfect for fall.


Sweet Maple Chai

Would it really be a fall candle collection without a slightly sickly, super sweet warm drink in the mix? Absolutely not, that's what fall is built on. But rather than the normal pumpkin spice affair, they've taken a slightly different approach with a Sweet Maple Chai option. As someone from New England, I have to say that maple is integral to the season — so it's nice to see it getting more recognition.

Yankee Candle is basically an unstoppable force of new and unusual scents. Whether you're a fan of the Yankee Candle advent calendars and hold out for their Christmas collection or you're a year-round fan who stocks up in the sales, they've certainly got a huge range to suit almost every palate. Almost. And, if they don't, we can't forget that KFC gravy candles also exist in the world. So there really is something out there for everyone. And now you can whisk away to the farmers market, wherever you are.