You Can Buy Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream Now

Listen, I am all about that #LifeHack life. I am here for shoving a plastic bag over your head to keep your make-up from getting on your shirt, here for the lunatics using fidget spinners Tinder, even here for that woman who used tampons to curl her hair (HEY, you never know when there might be a mid-curling period emergency!). I'm just not quite sure if I'm here for the latest food hack of the summer, which involves combining two of the greatest things God ever put on this green earth: pizza-flavored ice cream.

I'll give you a second to let that settle in, because it took my brain a few long steps to get there. Pizza ... cold pizza ... pizza that is mushed and cold ... pizza that is ice cream? It turns out, as terrible as I am at visualizing it, Little Baby's Ice Cream in Philadelphia has a genuine pizza-flavored ice cream action plan that gives you a much better idea of what to expect. The ice cream is flavored with tomato, basil, oregano, salt, and garlic, basically helping pizza ascend into another form much like the way I did when I finally got my braces off in sixth grade. True warning, though: a flavor like this is probs not for the faint of heart (or, y'know, the lactose intolerant).

If you want to get truly meta about it (I'm misusing the word meta, but pizza-flavored ice cream exists, so clearly there are no rules anymore), you can even put the ice cream on an actual slice of pizza.

OK, wow, that actually looks ... oddly delicious?

Little Baby's Ice Cream is no stranger to odd flavor combinations — other current offerings include Balsamic Banana (honestly, here for it), Earl Grey Sriracha (WHAT IS HAPPENING and why does it feel like a romance novel in ice cream form), and Everything Bagel (which I refuse to believe is a thing any person alive could mess up in any form). If you're feeling like to much of a coward, heed the words of our ancestors, and "Do it for the Insta."