Watch This Woman Curl Her Hair With Tampons

Last time we checked in with beauty guru Grav3YardGirl, she had just curled her hair with Cheetos. You may think there’s nothing weirder you could use as a hair styling tool, but you’d be wrong: This time the YouTube star curled her hair with tampons. (Or, more accurately, plastic tampon applicators). Are tampon curlers a good idea? Is this feminist? I have no idea. It certainly is… something, and it’s mesmerizing to watch. Read on to see how you, too, can add this completely impractical, but surprisingly effective styling choice to your beauty routine.

Grav3YardGirl, aka Bunny Meyer, aka Rachel Meyer, is doing an ongoing series in which she tries to curl her hair with bizarre items, from marshmallows, to Cheetos, to, now, tampons. Compared to junk food, tampons are definitely a more expensive option for hair styling (especially if you’re in one of the many states that still has a tampon tax!), but they are also reusable (should you want to repeat the experiment), so maybe it’s a wash?

Meyer starts out by unwrapping dozens of tampons (a lengthy process on its own), before finally starting to wrap small sections of slightly damp hair around the narrow tubes. She struggles to affix the tampons to her scalp, and goes through an entire card and a half of bobby pins just to keep her tampon-curlers from falling out.

Mayer has a particularly hard time curling the hair on the back of her head, leading her to utter a sentence that I think we can safely assume has never before been formed by a human mouth: “Honestly, there’s not enough room on my scalp for, like, 100 tampons to fit on it.”

Once her “curlers” are all in, she pops on a hair-drying bonnet for 40 minutes to let the curls set. In case you’re wondering, this is what a head full of tampons looks like:

Finally, she’s ready to take out the tampons, and although the process of putting them in was a total pain, the results are actually kind of awesome (if you like long, tight, perfect spirals). “I like it! I look like Louis XIV!”, Meyer gushes. In addition to a 17th-century French monarch, she notes another point of comparison: The spiral ribbons that go on birthday packages.

Sort of uncanny, right?

The tampon experiment was so successful that Meyer even suggests that she might do it again some day. And while this whole thing is a ton more work than using a curling iron, doesn’t it feel good to know that in a dystopian future in which we have no electricity but we do have an overabundance of tampons, you’ll be able to style your hair? What comfort!

Images: YouTube (3)