Yes! Zoella Beauty Is Now At Ulta

I am starting to feel like I need to plan twice-weekly visits to Ulta. The retailer added NARS to its quality offerings and is introducing MAC to its repertoire. OFRA is also available on Ulta's digital shelves. Ulta keeps expanding in the best ways, as Zoella Beauty is coming to Ulta.

But wait… it gets better. While Zoella Beauty's yummy, sweet bodily treats are also sold at Target, the Ulta line is different!

Who's shaking? Who's crying? Or is it just me having that response? Nah, I know most of my fellow beauty obsessive are experiencing flutters in their hearts over this news!

According to Allure, Zoella Sugg aka Zoella, who was christened the No. 1 beauty influencer by Forbes, will premiere Sweet Inspirations at Ulta in America.

The line is comprised of desert-inspired body lotion, shower milk, and other delish stuff for your skin. The entire range is coming to Ulta. The products are available in other countries but Ulta will be U.S. destination.

In a statement, Sugg said, "My new bath and beauty collection is (almost!) good enough to eat. Sweet treats with scrummy scent of macarons to transform your bath time into the ultimate indulgence... So take some 'me time' and melt your troubles away."

It's coming soon! Bustle reached out to Ulta Beauty reps for further details, such as what products will be available and if they will be shoppable online and in stores, regarding this particular Zoella Beauty collection crashing its shores.

I have played with plenty of Zoella Beauty products since they cruised into Target and they are quite dreamy. I love the solid fragrance, which lives in the most adorbs heart-shaped tin. It sits on my desk and I often dab it on pulse points when I need a pick me up or when I hit the wall mid-day. It just wakes me up and smells so yummy.

I cannot wait for a dose of this super cute collection. It include bath salts and even a little purse.

You can totally OD on cuteness when it comes to Zoella Beauty. Now you can scoop up products when you hit Ulta for a haul.