You Can Get A Pizza Covered In Mac & Cheese At Sam's Club Now

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New Mac n" Cheese Flatbread Pizzas have arrived at Sam's Club.
Sam's Club

Forgive us, mighty gods, because we have strayed far, far from your light. In the world of culinary mash-ups, we are always trying to go bigger and better, creating concoctions that are more feats of will than mere meals. And now, Sam's Club is joining those ranks with a mac n' cheese pizza. Their new Macaroni and Cheese Flatbread has so much going on — and the name doesn't even do it justice, because we're really dealing with mac n' cheese, pizza, and bacon bits.

"Crunchy bacon bits, melty mozzarella, elbow macaroni, and a creamy cheese sauce on a flatbread crust makes a delicious snack anytime," the description explains. You might need to read that two or three times to really understand everything that's at play. But basically, we're talking carb on carb on cheese on carb, which happens to be my favorite combination of food.

If you happen to be a Sam's Club member, you can pick up these boxes of two hefty flatbreads for $9.98. They're only going to be available through the end of the year, so if you like the idea of a combination of a mac, pizza, and the unholy, then you might want to stock up to keep you going through the winter. Some of us stay warm with the holiday spirit and some of us stay warm through the cheese spirit. Both are delightful and delicious.

There's no denying our insatiable thirst for mac n' cheese — we won't just accept it in its classic, baked form. No no — we need mac n' cheese in every format possible, short of just rubbing it into our skin as a body butter. You can get mac n' cheese in a can, you can get glorious mac n' cheese bowls from KFC, you can even get a 27-pound tub of mac n' cheese from Costco that should definitely be able to get you through those cold months. And if that's not enough, the geniuses at KFC Singapore has gone even bigger and better with a mac n' cheese bun. And you know what? I don't think we're done yet. Expect to see bolder, more innovative mac n' cheese creations in the future — because, as a species, we love to take already amazing food and make it even amazing-er.

But if you're looking for an easy way to get a giant pile of food-mashups, flatbread pizzas that can go straight in the oven are a pretty easy choice. The joy of instant mac n' cheese mixed with the joy of pizza mixed with the joy of bacon bits? That's what America is all about. So get on down to Sam's Club and stock up on the Macaroni and Cheese Flatbread — they won't be around for long, so you might want to clear some space in the freezer.

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