This 'You' Season 2 Star Just Teased Twists Fans Of The Books Won't See Coming

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It feels like it's been forever since the first season of You debuted first on Lifetime, and then on Netflix at the end of last year. Since then, fans have been patiently awaiting the second season. And, while we still don't know when new episodes will drop, You Season 2 actor Charlie Barnett just revealed some details about what fans can expect in the show's second installment. Speaking to TV Guide, the actor teased that there'd definitely be a few "extreme turns" — even for fans of the original books.

"It's gonna be a really exciting season," Barnett told TV Guide in an interview published on Sept. 29. "Also while they're following close to the book [Caroline Kepnes' You and its sequel, Hidden Bodies], there are some extreme turns that are so beautifully laid in," he teased. "As an audience member, I'm really excited to see those episodes play out."

Barnett also praised his fellow actors, Victoria Pedretti, who will star in Season 2 as Love Quinn, and Penn Badgley, who will reprise his role as stalker/lonely boy Joe Goldberg. "Victoria is an unbelievable actress. Penn is an unbelievable actor. And I think the writers and just that production team and crew picked it all up 100 percent," he added.

Barnett — who fans might recognize from Netflix's Russian Doll — was confirmed as a part of You's second season cast back in March of this year. According to Deadline, the actor will star as Gabe, the "oldest friend and closest confidant" of Love, Joe's new crush. "[Gabe is] a successful acupuncturist and psychedelics aficionado living L.A. life to the fullest," the outlet added.

Things didn't exactly fare very well for Joe's girlfriend's close friends in the first season of You. Because of that fact, fans are apparently already anticipating Gabe's demise. "It's so funny because online people are like, 'Oh, you're going to die. You're going to die. You're friends with the girl? You're definitely going to die,'" the star joked to TV Guide.

Of course, Barnett didn't drop any hints about whether or not fans' predictions about Gabe will prove to be true. He did, however, go on to add that Season 2 of You will "have more of a True Detective quality," and that fans will "see a little more of the crime and punishment end of it just from our character outlets, from the people who are being added to the story."

You's next season will see Joe head to Hollywood to continue his search for love. Or, as the audience might call it, love by way of stalking — and murder, and manipulation, and general destruction of anything and anyone in his path. Once in Los Angeles, he will engage in "lots of masturbation and dissolving bodies," Badgley revealed at Deadline's "Contenders Emmys" panel back in April, which definitely sounds par for the course.

Fans certainly have a lot to look forward to in the second season of You. Barnett's character sounds like he'll undoubtedly be an interesting addition, but if the first season taught us anything, you probably shouldn't plan on getting too attached to Gabe just yet.