These 'YOU' Season 3 Theories Are Just Wild Enough To Be True

Joe's journey on YOU is far from over.
Tyler Golden/Netflix

Warning: YOU Season 2 spoilers ahead! The second season may have only just hit Netflix last week, but it's never too early to start discussing all of the YOU Season 3 Reddit theories that have already begun to come out of the woodwork. Based on how Season 2 left off, it's clear that Joe Goldberg's journey is still far from over and his creepy, stalker-like tendencies are just as present as ever, even in the Los Angeles suburbs. The finale also set up a possible new target for Joe, who found himself instantly drawn to his mysterious, sun-bathing neighbor. However, if and when Netflix decides to renew the show for a third season, it'll differ from the first two seasons in a very significant way.

YOU is based on Caroline Kepnes' book series of the same name. (The second season served as an adaptation of her YOU book sequel, Hidden Bodies.) At this time, Kepnes is still in the process of writing a third YOU book, which has yet to receive an official publication date. That means fans have no source material to look back on in order to see what's going to happen next. Kepnes has teased an early preview of Book 3 to Entertainment Weekly, but only to say that Joe is "very proud of his strength" in the next installment, based on everything he's been through thus far.

Apart from that, details remain scarce, but that hasn't stopped fans from theorizing about what dark and twisted storylines lay in store for Joe and Love moving forward...

Love Killed Her First Husband

Beth Dubber/Netflix

As Reddit user byrd82 points out, the circumstances surrounding the death of Love's first husband were very vague and could indicate that she played a part in his death. "When Love’s ex-husband tells her he is not interested in having a family, she is disappointed," byrd82 writes. "He becomes ill shortly after. We are told he was ill with a stomach issue, and that after ‘tests’ they never find out what killed him."

Love did tamper with her baking in order to prove a point to Joe (using salt instead of sugar to make him muffins), so it's possible that if her husband had displeased her, she could've poisoned his food as a means of getting back at him. It's a dark theory, but as Love proved at the end of Season 2, so is she.

The Identity Of The Mystery Woman

Beth Dubber/Netflix

The final few moments at the end of Season 2 introduced a mystery woman living next to Joe and Love in their new suburban surroundings. Her face was never shown, but Reddit user AlbinoStepchild thinks it could end up being Joe's mother, whose current whereabouts remain unknown. A decent portion of Season 2 was dedicated to learning about Joe's background, including his relationship with his mother, though Joe failed to provide details about where she is now. Could he have finally tracked her down once and for all?

AlbinoStepchild suggested that the woman could also be Beck under a different alias. After all, it wouldn't be the first time Joe's attempt to kill an ex had failed.

Joe Plans To Kill Love

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Love ultimately showed Joe her true colors and the lengths that she'd go to in order to protect the ones she loves. And while Joe and Love are currently living out a fantasy life in the suburbs, waiting the arrival of their baby, Reddit user thehagridaesthetic thinks that Joe's plan is to kill Love once the child is born and will seek to find a better mother for his little one in whatever new obsession he stumbles upon. Though considering how devious Love has proven to be, that plan may be a little easier said than done. She wouldn't go down without a fight.

The Real Will Bettelheim's Motives

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Reddit user HelpWheresMyDad thinks that the original Will Bettelheim will return in Season 3 and become obsessed with Joe. Will has always been very forgiving of Joe's actions, so it'd be interesting if he ended up flipping the script on his former captor, turning the stalker into the one being stalked.

If these theories are any indication of what's to come, Joe is going to have his work cut out for him in more ways than one.