Someone Turned ‘Friends’ & ‘Full House’ Into 8-Bit Video Games & They’re SO FREAKING Cute

Leave it to 2018 to provide a combination of late 1970s/early 1980s animation with beloved '90s TV shows. This truly is the age of nostalgia, and if you love reminiscing about Atari 2600s while wearing a fanny pack and crimping your hair, you'll love these 8-Bit videos of Friends, Full House, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's opening credits. If you're unfamiliar, 8-Bit is another way of saying "large pixels," and it was the style of video games on the Atari 2600 and the Nintendo Entertainment System of the '80s. Even if you don't know the term 8-Bit, you've definitely seen the style of animation because Super Mario Bros. became popular in the 8-Bit era, according to Nintendo Life, and old images of Mario and Luigi from the '80s are hard to miss.

Not only did 8-Bit games have a specific visual aesthetic with their large square pixels that prevent rounded lines, they also had a specific sound accompanying them. Think Tetris and Pac-Man, the games of the '80s all had a distinctive high-pitched, robot-like sound. In these 8-Bit versions of your favorite '90s shows' openings, you can hear your favorite theme songs made into retro video game tunes. Here's the 8-Bit version of the Friends opening song, for instance.

Even in highly pixelated form, you can still see that Rachel has her iconic sandy-brown feathered hairstyle, and Phoebe's with her guitar. Ross' dance moves are equally impressive in '80s video game style too. The 8-Bit Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening is just as fun as Friends', and it might make you think that an '80s style game of the show should come out soon because the colors and song work perfectly in 8-Bit.

In Fresh Prince's, you have to do all of the rapping by yourself, but that likely isn't a problem considering that Will Smith's lyrics from that show might just be the most universally known rap of all time. If the Fresh Prince game was real, it would probably involve a dance-off between Will and Uncle Phil, which would be so fun to do in an '80s-style video game, plus you'd have to jump on top of buildings because what kind of old-school video game would it be without that? Instead of crying your eyes out while looking at the picture of the Fresh Prince cast reuniting recently, just watch 8-Bit show opening and imagine the possibilities that would come from a retro Fresh Prince video game.

Another 8-Bit TV opening portrays the Full House theme song, which you'll likely easily remember because it's also featured in Netflix's Fuller House. As mentioned before, nostalgia is in right now.

Each of the 8-Bit renderings of popular '90s shows' openings were made by Warner Bros. in anticipation of the movie Ready Player One, which hits theaters on Thursday, March 29. The upcoming film takes place in 2045, when people depend on a virtual reality for practical daily matters as well as impractical, like a huge scavenger hunt that will reward its winner with complete control of the virtual universe called the OASIS.

The video games' graphics in Ready Player One, which stars Olivia Cooke and Tye Sheridan, couldn't be more different from the ones used in 8-Bit animation, and rewatching all of the '90s show openings in pixelated form will likely give you a new appreciation for how far gaming has come.

Even though video game animation — and films' CGI and graphics — have come so far, the truth is that nothing beats the '90s when Full House, Fresh Prince, and Friends were all being made. Seeing all of the squares of color join together to create a rudimentary vision of David Schwimmer might not exactly look like Steven Spielberg's vision of the future of video games, but it definitely provides the nostalgia factor in the best way possible.