Justin Hartley Shoots Down 'This Is Us' Theories

by Amy Mackelden

This Is Us has to be one of the most distressing shows of all time. Beware, as there are spoilers ahead for This Is Us Season 1. While viewers are still reeling from Randall's birth father William's death, the grim reaper doesn't take a vacation, and the death of the Pearson patriarch, Jack, is still somewhat of a mystery. In a new interview with US Weekly, Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin — formerly known as The Manny — said that theories about Jack's death on This Is Us are wrong, and that the real storyline is heartbreaking. No surprise there.

According to the actor, viewers will "never guess" how his onscreen father dies, suggesting that the recent plethora of fan theories regarding Jack's death are incorrect. Despite some incredibly convincing ideas about the nature of Jack's passing, it sound like the writers of This Is Us have kept this plot line a closely guarded secret. Since Jack is played by Milo Ventimiglia, fans are understandably invested in the character and are devastated that something happens to him.

When it comes to This Is Us, Hartley is a super committed cast member, and admitted to US Weekly that he often watches each episode twice. He said, "Whenever I'm tweeting the show I like to have watched it once before." His Twitter feed is evidence of his commitment and his emotional involvement in the story he's helping to tell. From interacting with fans to teasing moments from upcoming episodes, it's clear that the actor is reading the online commentary regarding the series, so, when he claims we'll "never guess" what happens to Jack, we should probably believe him.

Hartley's comments come in contrast to convincing fan theories that suggest Jack died in a plane crash. One eagle-eyed Reddit user even suggests that the show's storyline might tie in with a real-life Pittsburgh plane crash that took place on Sep 8, 1994. Despite several clues throughout the series supporting this theory, the actor's latest interview suggests that no one's guessed the correct answer as yet.

Previously, Hartley told Extra that finding out the rest of Jack's story in This Is Us will be worth the wait, and fans won't be disappointed. He said, "It's off the charts; it's so sad I can't even talk about it — I'll start crying." When paired with his comments about Jack to US Weekly, and the foreboding promise that, "It'll stay with you," it's clear that viewers of the show are in for an emotional rollercoaster.