Zara's 2017 New Year's Sale Is Amazing

by James Hale

In my family, post-holiday sales could be an even bigger event than holidays themselves. In a family with three kids, post-holidays meant snagging everything we needed for the upcoming year at super deep discounts. Zara seems to be on board with that, because its New Year's Day deals are unbelievable.

Zara is a go-to for statement pieces, and also a go-to for offering incredible deals every time the holidays roll around. The brand often doesn't release info about what products it's planning to discount, so shoppers usually get to unwrap another present on days like today. But this year, Zara offered a preview, and we just can't find it in ourselves to be disappointed at not being surprised, because everything is on sale.

That's right. The only items not marked down are those in Zara's brand-new Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Everything else on the site and in stores is discounted. That means you have the chance to snag pieces from Zara's gorgeous 2016 collections at 30 percent, 40 percent, and in some cases even half off. Zara is also offering free shipping on orders over $50, as well as free returns if your new pieces don't work out.

These are some of the best items up for deeply discounted grabs. And trust me, if you're still nursing a hangover from any New Year's Eve festivities. The numbers you're about to see are not your eyes playing tricks on you: These sales are really that good.

1. Long Hooded Bomber Jacket

Long Hooded Bomber Jacket, $69.99,

My favorite jacket from any brand this year, this bomber jacket is so on-trend — and totally winter-practical.

2. Over-The-Knee Boots

Over-The-Knee Flat Leather Boots, $69.99,

These beautiful leather boots are normally $179.00, now $69.99. Let that sink in. If that's not enough to entice you, know they come with a two-inch lift and a track sole to keep you from slipping on icy walks to work.

3. Shiny Pleated Skirt

Shiny Pleated Skirt, $19.99,

This three-tiered piece is from Zara's TRF collection, and there's pretty much no better way to brighten up the grey, wintry days ahead than with a pop of shimmering pearl, pale blue, and gold.

4. Polka-Dot Suit

Polka Dot Suit Blazer, $99.99, Shiny Black Oxford Shoes, $49.99, Navy Blue Clutch, $19.99,

Are you ready? This eye-catching blazer is discounted from $169.00, along with a matching navy clutch and those ridiculously slick shoes.

5. Nautical Kids' Coat

Nautical Three Quarter Length Coat, $39.99,

Children's clothes are included, like this adorable coat, which is just sailor-esque enough to remind us that summer days will come again.

6. Zip-Up T-Shirt Dress

Zip T-Shirt Dress, $15.99,

T-shirt dresses have skyrocketed in popularity, and this cute zip-up is too good of a deal to pass by.

7. Military Cargo Trousers

Military Cargo Trousers, $39.99,

Wanna look like a post-apocalyptic badass? These cargo jeans are step No. 1.

This sale is definitely not to be missed. Gather up what's left of yourself post-2016 and head over to snag the on-trend armor you're going to need to brave whatever 2017 has to throw at you.

Images: Courtesy Zara