The Song Zendaya Sang In The 'Euphoria' Finale Brought The Show Full Circle For One Reason


Spoilers ahead for the Euphoria Season 1 finale. Throughout its first season, HBO's Euphoria offered a nuanced perspective on the highs and lows of addiction and teenhood. In the Season 1 finale, however, the teen drama wrapped up with a series of uncertain, aching lows. In perhaps the most heartbreaking scene, Rue impulsively convinces Jules to leave town with her, only to be unable to follow through in the end. In turn, Jules leaves a distraught Rue to seemingly relapse and break into song and dance against the backdrop of a gospel choir. In the finale, Zendaya collabs with Labrinth on "All For Us" in a full circle moment for the show.

Could the song, which was also used in the show's promos, be emblematic of Rue’s fate? Fans first heard the familiar tune as the score for the first full-length trailer. Labrinth's "All For Us" has played a role in the series' story right from the start, so it's only fitting that Zendaya remixed the beautiful song for the first season's finale, especially since that final dance number has left fans shaken in terms of what's to come for Season 2.

In the scene, Zendaya teamed up with British singer-songwriter Labrinth, Euphoria’s lead composer, for a version of his track "All For Us." Together, the two collaborated on a new version heard in the August 4 finale. The song can be streamed on Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube.

Zendaya’s Rue croons lyrics that leaves her fate up to interpretation: “When it all comes down to it, I hope one of you come back to remind me of who I was / When I go disappearing, into that good night.” Despite the song’s somberness, though, fans were pleasantly surprised to hear the actor exercising her singing chops once again. As a refresher, Zendaya first got her start in music on Disney with the series Shake It Up. Since then, she’s focused more on acting with roles in the Spider-Man films and The Greatest Showman (in which she also exercised her vocal stylings for the soundtrack). In an interview with Paper in June, Zendaya opened up about her decision to focus on acting. "I think the [music] industry takes a little bit of passion away from you. It sucks you dry a little bit," she said. "What I thought I wanted, it's not what I want anymore, [especially] when I think about what I had to deal with in the music industry."

She elaborated, "If anyone asks my number one advice, for [the entertainment] industry in general but mostly the music industry, it's look over those contracts, every single word, and don't sign anything that isn't worth it to you. You are worth more than they will say that you are."

Could Zendaya’s collaboration with Labrinth mark a return to music? “All For Us” is certainly a somber tune that perfectly captures the essence of Euphoria. Additionally, if the name Labrinth sounds familiar, it’s because the British singer has a connection to another one of your favorites. The British musician recently collaborated with Beyoncé for her song “Spirit” for the Lion King soundtrack. “She’s a perfectionist and she’s a Virgo, like my wife,” Labrinth told the Associated Press of working with Beyoncé. “Virgos are serious perfectionists.”

With collaborations with Zendaya and Beyoncé under his belt, Labrinth is sure to soon become a household name. Here's to hoping Euphoria fans receive more collaborations between Labrinth and Zendaya in Season 2.