Zendaya's Video Makes You Feel Like You're In D.C.

by Amy Mackelden
AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Saturday's Women's March on Washington is all kinds of inspiring, and it's incredible to see so much public support for the campaign across the globe. With sister marches springing up worldwide, there's no end of online coverage, with celebrities out in full force to support the events. As the original, the Women's March on Washington has seen strong support from several high-profile musicians, actors, models, and performers. And Zendaya's Women's March on Washington video will make you feel like you're attending the event alongside her. The Shake It Up star is excited to be taking part in the march.

In a video shot at Capitol Hill, Zendaya shows a packed crowd of protestors, some holding signs, and many of whom are wearing bright pink hats in protest of Trump. The iconic pink Women's March hats are called P*ssy Hats, and were knitted as part of The P*ssy Hat Project. The project turns knitting into a form of activism, with 1.17 million hats made and given to people to wear at the marches on Jan. 21.

From the looks of it, Zendaya is right in the middle of the action, helping to protest issues ranging from equal pay to access to abortion and birth control. If you haven't made it to a march on Saturday, her video will give you a taste of how huge an event the Women's March on Washington really is.

Zendaya's short video makes it clear that, on the first full day of the presidency, resistance to Trump's policies is huge. One sign reads, "respect existence or expect resistance," and the sentiment seems to be shared by hundred of thousands of people across the globe.

The Women's March on Washington started with an early morning rally, and the march itself taking participants on a route from the U.S. Capitol to Washington Monument. Zendaya also announced on Saturday that she'll be in control of Vogue's Snapchat for Saturday, and the actor's passionate coverage throughout the event is completely inspiring.