Zoe Kravitz's New 'Big Little Lies' Season 2 Tease Will Have Bonnie Fans Super Excited

The time between now and 2019 couldn't be creeping by any more slowly, but thankfully, Zoe Kravitz teased a Big Little Lies Season 2 detail that will make the time fly by. Kravitz plays Bonnie Carlson on the hit HBO drama, a supporting character during the show's hit Season 1. But during a recent interview, the actor revealed that Bonnie would be stepping into the spotlight for Big Little Lies' Season 2 with her very own storyline, so buckle up.

Kravitz dropped this little bit of knowledge during an interview with Rolling Stone that went live on Monday, Oct. 29. The conversation covered a range of topics, but it was the section on Big Little Lies that really perked up our ears because of the 29-year-old's transparency about the process. For example, Kravitz revealed to the magazine that she was disappointed that Bonnie wasn't fleshed out much beyond "sexy yoga teacher" and "second wife of someone important to a main character". (That main character would be Reese Witherspoon's character Madeline Martha Mackenzie, first wife to James Tupper's Nathan Carlson.)

“There’s more about her in the book," Kravitz explained to the outlet, before acknowledging: "and I was a little bummed we weren’t going to get to explore that."

But even though Bonnie was more of a supporting character in other arcs for Season 1, Kravitz heavily hinted that she gets her own arc for Season 2. In the actor's own words: "They’re not using her to tell someone else’s story. She has her own story." This promise is an exciting one for multiple reasons, beyond just being a fan of the Mad Max actor's work and getting excited to see her do more of it.

The news that Bonnie will have a greater role in Season 2 is especially significant given the show's overwhelming white perspective. As one of the only people of color in a predominantly white cast, Kravitz is acutely aware of the opportunity to bring a conversation about race into the hit series. In fact, it's an opportunity that the actor says she tried to capitalize on in Season 1, specifically in regards to the way Witherspoon's character thinks and talks about Kravitz's character. "I tried to get a little more of that put into Big Little Lies," Kravitz says, in reference to conversations about race, before continuing frankly:

"It didn’t work out. But I wish they’d had Reese’s character say, ‘His hot black wife.’ That’s real! But people are scared to go there. If we’re making art and trying to dissect the human condition, let’s really do that."

It's a seemingly-small adjustment, but it's so interesting to think about how that would have changed the onscreen dynamic. We'll never know, because that moment is firmly in the past, but it opens up a lot of potential going forward. Maybe that means Bonnie's race will be a conversation topic for Season 2, as Kravitz wished it had been Season 1. And hopefully giving Bonnie a greater storyline won't be the only new viewpoint added so that BLL can elevate not just white women but all women.

And while we won't know until 2019 whether or not Kravitz's wishes came true, what's clear from reading Kravitz's thoughts in this interview is that she has a vision for Bonnie that many fans would love to see. And, if her vision holds true, then the Big Little Lies Season 2 premiere can't come soon enough.