Bonnie Is Getting A Musical 'Big Little Lies' Moment

Over the course of HBO's outstanding Big Little Lies, Zoë Kravitz's Bonnie has been a peacekeeper, a cool stepmom, and a believer in the power of yoga and kale. Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, Kravitz will sing in the Big Little Lies finale, and giving Bonnie her moment in the spotlight. With the long talked about talent show that will double as the site of a murder finally happening, several characters will be taking the stage. But while most will be lip-syncing, the Lolawolf singer will be belting out an Elvis tune.

Kravitz is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz, and in addition to being a talented actor, the star also has a beautiful voice, just like her famous father. While music has played a major role in Big Little Lies, the finale will mark the only time Kravitz sings onscreen. Because so much about Bonnie has been left unknown, seeing her head onto the stage and likely one-up her alpha male husband could finally reveal what kind of person Bonnie is deep down.

So far, the actor has made a good case for Bonnie being one of the most stable characters on the show. She has approached every situation including having the most awkward dinner with her husband's ex-wife ever with a quiet sense of grace. There are hints that there's a lot more going on beneath Bonnie's carefully crafted, calm exterior, and when she sings at talent night, all of her passion and frustration may finally come pouring out.

On the other hand, Bonnie may be the most authentic character on the show. If she has any secrets or cares about what the other moms think of her, she's kept everything to herself. Ultimately, her character isn't flashy, but she's played an important role in the series as the anti-Madeline. I expect that role to continue in the finale.

It is hard to imagine Madeline going up on stage and allowing herself to be made vulnerable through song, but it's a natural move for the free-spirited Bonnie to make. The questions I need answered immediately is which Elvis song will she sing, and is she performing to ensure neither her husband or Ed wins the competition?

She certainly seems sick of all their squabbling. It would make so much sense for her to take the stage, blow everyone away, and crush the fragile egos of both men. Even Madeline would have to respect that move.

The series finale is going to be a big episode for all of the characters, and an intense hour. Knowing Kravitz is going to get at least one more moment to delve deep into Bonnie's psyche should have you even more excited to see the final episode. Big Little Lies is always at its most revealing when it's deploying a well-timed song, so there's no reason not to believe Kravitz's musical moment will be an important one.

And given all the guaranteed drama, knowing the show won't waste its opportunity to feature the amazing Kravitz singing gives fans at least one happy thing to look forward to before they have to leave Monterey.