Rowena Henley

Rowena Henley is the News & Features Editor at Bustle UK. Her role includes commissioning and editing stories, managing writers, and liaising with talent and publicists to plan upcoming content. She also runs a regular column, Do It For The Applause, in which she asks performers, writers, business leaders, and public figures to think about the notion of applause and what it means to them. Rowena graduated from The University of Bristol in 2015 with a BA in English Literature and went on to receive a Master's in journalism from New York University. She has previously worked for titles including BBC Travel, New York Magazine, and Culture Trip. When not lost in edits or her overcrowded inbox, Rowena can be found at a cheap comedy show or at a pub quiz in South London demanding to know why there aren't more questions on 'Sex & The City.' She still loses sleep thinking about what could have been between Carrie and Aidan. You can follow Rowena on Twitter @RowenaHenley and learn more about her and her work at