Hailey Bieber Cannot Stop Wearing This Under-$200 Jewelry Brand

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Hailey Bieber stepped out yesterday showing off more than just her new baby bump.

The model and beauty entrepreneur was seen wearing a black oversized blazer, a white baby tee, and her signature ‘B’ gold diamond necklace during her first public appearance post-baby announcement. I couldn’t help but notice another small accessory: Her gold ribbed trapezoid-shaped earrings from LA-based jeweler Heaven Mayhem.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Bieber rock retro-style earrings from the brand, and her fandom is for good reason. The earrings are significantly less expensive compared to other similar options on the market (i.e the Khaite Julius earrings), but look just as good. Cheers to a thrifty queen!

But, let’s be real: While the price is a nice perk, it’s probably not the only reason why Heaven Mayhem has become Bieber’s go-to for statement earrings. They also happen to have really cool products on offer.

Her ’90s-Era Knot Earrings

Last Summer, Bieber shared a post to social media in which she paired yet another white T-shirt with a set of Heaven Mayhem earrings — a look that’s proving to be her favorite off-duty uniform.

In this case, it was the Mini Knot earrings in gold which — if you can believe it — sell for less than a hundred bucks.

Vintage-Inspired Geometric Studs

Back in February, Bieber was spotted in the car with husband Justin Bieber wearing a yellow argyle sweater, tinted sunglasses, and a deep red lip. She finished the look with the same ribbed gold $100 Heaven Mayhem earrings that she wore yesterday, proving that they work just as well with a funkier look as they do with her usual clean girl aesthetic.


When Hailey really likes something she lets you know — and her Heaven and Mayhem earrings have become her favorite finishing touch of late. Pregnant or not, you better believe Mrs. Bieber is going to deliver both glow and style with a pair of statement earrings.

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