5 Lipsticks That Really Zing On Zoom, As Tested By Team Bustle

From morning meetings to catching up with friends...

by Sarah Lakos
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Raise your hand if you’ve been working that no-makeup-makeup look for a solid two months now? Us too. We’re here for that low-key vibe and whatever makes you feel good in these tenuous times. It might also be the right moment to dust off the beauty products that made you feel joy, pre-isolation. To that end, here are 5 lipsticks that really pop on zoom calls, as tried and tested by our team.

Why not surprise your co-quizzers, colleagues and besties with a pop of colour on your next Zoom or House Party video call? If you listen closely, you can hear the rallying cry from your make-up drawer. Join us as Team Bustle revisits those lipsticks usually reserved for out-out occasions.

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L'Oréal Blackett, Writer

Image supplied by L'Oréal
Ah, Zoom. Just when I've finally accepted my lockdown look (make-up-less and a bird's nest for hair) I'm summoned to look like "pre-Lockdown L'Oréal" to conduct interviews for articles. But it's all an illuuuuusionn, helped by lipstick so loud you don't notice my un-groomed eyebrows. And, if you're thinking I may have an affinity with one lipstick brand, in particular, you'd be right. This L'Oréal matte lipstick in 'Tasty Ruby' is a go-to for chatty meetings. It. does. not. budge. So, even for one hour, I look like me again.

Victoria King, Brand Partnerships Director

Image supplied by Victoria
I wore this lipstick for a Zoom 'happy hour' with my girlfriends to dress up my loungewear & make me feel like I was going to a happy hour IRL!

Sam Rogers, Executive Editor

Image supplied by Sam
Celebrating my birthday in lockdown wasn't something that particularly filled me with joy, but the number of amazing zoom calls, quizzes and celebrations lifted my spirit. As did this coral lip, which still feels as indulgent now as it did when my sister first gifted it to me.

Sarah Lakos, Branded Content Manager

Image supplied by Sarah
I popped this vinyl finish lip colour on for a random Tuesday of Zoom meetings with my colleagues - with the single purpose of making myself feel pepped for the day ahead. I mean, the shade is called 'Be Brilliant' and I think there's something in that. I will admit I couldn't stop glancing at the POP of colour coming from my Zoom screen, though.

Rebecca Fearn, writer

Image supplied by Rebecca
I wore this guy (which is my favourite bright orangey-red) for a Zoom interview I was doing with some female entrepreneurs. My skin has been bad lately due to stress, so wearing a red lip is the perfect way to distract from any breakouts! The oldest makeup trick in the book.

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