6 ‘90s Beauty Trends That Should Have Been More Popular

From blue eyeshadow to sleek-straight strands.

by Hilary Shepherd
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6 '90s beauty trends that should have been more popular.
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Behold: Six overlooked hair and makeup trends from the ‘90s that should make a revival.

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Brown Lipstick

Believe it or not, mocha-colored lipstick is flattering on all skin tones. Rest assured that whatever shade of brown you go for (and whether you choose matte or glossy) you’ll definitely achieve notice-me lips — in the best way possible.
The buildable, satin finish of this formula allows you to control the amount of drama you want, and its creamy texture helps conceal any dryness as you wear your on-trend ‘90s hue.
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Stick-Straight Strands

Contrary to the ‘80s crimp craze, super-straight locks popped up on the red carpet and the runways throughout the ‘90s. With advancements in heat-styling tools, the sleek, polished look can now be achieved without doing a serious number on your strands.
A few drops of this nutrient-rich oil will protect your hair from heat, prevent flyaways and frizz, and make your strands look their shiniest and sleekest selves.
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Face and body sparkle might conjure up cringe-worthy memories of school dances and roll-on applicators from Bath & Body Works, but with the popularity of glitter-filled shows like Euphoria, the trend suddenly feels cool again.
Dab a few strokes of Lemonhead LA’s cult-favorite glitter (which doesn’t require glue and dries within seconds) on your cheekbones or eyelids for a little hint of ‘90s-style sparkle.
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The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut became seriously trendy in the ‘90s, thanks in part to Linda Evangelista, who famously snipped off her locks on set. Consider a post-quarantine cut that will give you and your tresses a fresh start — and dramatically shorten your daily routine.
Give your strands a boost of moisture with an editor-approved hair oil that won’t make you feel greasy.
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Blue Eyeshadow

The blue lids trend saw a resurgence as recent as last year, with celebrities like Lily Collins and Dua Lipa getting in on the action. Take a cue from ‘90s supermodels and incorporate blue eyeshadow into your daytime look to make your eyes really pop.
Be wary of veering into frost territory and opt for a liquid-to-powder formula that provides more subtle, soft color.
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The Blow Out

From Denise Richards to Alicia Silverstone, there was some serious hair envy going on in the ‘90s. Though blowouts have become synonymous with special occasions, advances in technology have allowed for salon-level styles at home.
This workhorse of a blow dryer is beloved by professionals and will give you a salon-level — and ‘90s-era — hairstyle in minutes.
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