Are KKW Beauty's Creme Contour & Highlight Kits Worth It?

Sara Tan

Move over, Kylie Jenner. There's a new beauty launch breaking the internet and this time, it's coming from none other than older sister Kim Kardashian West. On June 21, KKW Beauty's Creme Contour & Highlight Kits became available for purchase on, but before you invest your hard earned cash — $48 to be exact — on Kardashian West's insanely anticipated product, you probably want to know whether they live up to the hype or not.

Unless you've been avoiding Instagram and Twitter for the last week, you know that the buzz for these kits is real. Kardashian West has been swatching the products and sharing tutorials for how to use it on her very own social media accounts, promising fans that these dual-ended sticks are a game-changer for contouring queens and kings. And while it seems like these products practically appeared overnight, according to Kardashian West, it's been a long time coming — at least that's what she tells me during a preview for the products at her KKW Beauty launch party on June 20, which she hosted at her home in Bel Air.

"I felt like it was just right — it's taken me a long time to do something on my own, but I'm so glad I waited because I feel like I have the right partners, the right team, the right manufacturers, I have a say in everything and that's really empowering," a glowing Kardashian West tells us as she sits with beauty editors in her living room.

Sara Tan

"For 10 years of working with makeup artist Mario [Dedivanovic], we've totally mastered what we love in contouring. We've changed our looks so many times, but our contouring has really stayed the same and stayed true to that, no matter what look we're doing," Kardashian West says. "I feel like the way I personally do makeup has been a little bit lighter, and that's why I wanted to start with creme contour, because it's so buildable and it was my go-to product of what I put on if I just want to look tan or always want a little bit of something to make me feel alive, I would just use that over blush or anything."

Kardashian West clearly could not be more thrilled with how her first product turned out and cannot wait for her fans to try it for themselves. "It feels so exciting just to know when you've worked so hard on something, to see it all come to life. We were all upstairs just like, 'I can't believe it.' Freaking out," she tells me.

So, is it worth "freaking out" over? Let's assess.

What Do You Get For $48 (Plus Shipping)?

Sara Tan

The Creme Contour & Highlight Kit comes with three dual-ended sticks: one for contour, one for highlight, and one with a sponge and a kabuki brush to help with application. The contour and highlight sticks come with two shades — a lighter shade and a darker shade. The kit comes in a chic, vacuum-sealed package placed inside a minimalist and nude sealed plastic bag (that's very reminiscent of the Pat McGrath kit packaging).

What Colors Do The Kits Come In?

The kits come in Light, Medium, Dark, and Deep Dark. Kardashian was adamant that she wanted to create a variety of kits for people of all skin tones.

What Do The Contour Sticks Look & Feel Like?

Sara Tan

As you might've already figured out, the contour sticks are cream-based, so they go on super smooth and are super blendable, as Kardashian West promises. The texture is fairly sheer because she wants you to be able to see your skin through the product for a more natural contour. Of course, if you want a more dramatic look, you can layer the product as much as you want.

In the photo above, I have swatched Deep Dark, Dark, and Light, from left to right. (Unfortunately, I did not receive the Medium Kit.)

Sara Tan

The stick makes application easy because of its small rounded tip, as compared to other contour sticks which can sometimes be larger in size. You can use the side of the stick for your cheekbones and your forehead and switch to the tip for harder-to-reach areas like your nose.

What Do The Highlighter Sticks Look & Feel Like?

Sara Tan

The highlighters are also cream-based and very buildable. One highlighter is matte, while the other has a shimmer to it. In the photo above, I have swatched the highlighters for Deep Dark, Dark, and Light, from left to right.

Sara Tan

The shimmer highlighter has more of a glimmer in real life, while the matte is flat. I could definitely see people using the highlighters as eyeshadows too — they're absolutely gorgeous.

What Does The Brush Stick Look Like?

Sara Tan

As I mentioned earlier, the brush stick is dual-ended. One side is a flat kabuki brush, inspired by one of Kim Kardashian West's favorite brushes from MAC that has been discontinued. The other side is a bouncy sponge with a pointed tip.

What Are The Products Made With?

Sara Tan

Here's a close-up of the ingredients found on the back of the packaging.

How Much Is Each Kit?

Sara Tan

Each kit will cost you $48, plus shipping, which is about $9 in the U.S.

Are The Creme Contour & Highlight Kits Worth It?

Sara Tan

While $48 might sound pricey at first, when you break down exactly what's inside the kit, you're actually getting a lot for what you're paying for. In the kit, you're getting not one, but two shades of cream contour and highlighters and two brushes. If you do the math, that's $16 per stick, which is close to what you'd probably pay for a contouring palette at the drugstore. While people have been skeptical about the packaging, I am a fan. Although it is plastic, it's very practical and gets the job done. It's travel-friendly and I can throw it in my purse and not have to worry about it getting ruined.

Most importantly, the actual product is fantastic. It's particularly great for those who love a more natural-looking contour. I can also see this kit as a great introduction for those who are afraid to dive into the world of contouring. Overall, I would say that it's totally worth it, especially if you're hoping to achieve Kardashian West's infamous bronze glow.

To shop KKW Beauty's Creme Contour & Highlight Kits, head over to the website here.