Everything To Know About Augustinus Bader's First-Ever Haircare Line

The reigning skin care brand has just expanded.

Augustinus Bader Shampoo Conditioner Hair Oil

In 2018, German physician, scientist, professor, and stem cell pioneer Dr. Augustinus Bader shook up the beauty industry by launching a product that claimed to replace all your other serums and moisturizers. Dubbed “The Cream,” it quickly reached cult status, thanks to its patented ingredient, TFC8 — a blend of natural amino acids, vitamins, and other synthesized molecules that occur biologically within the skin (fun fact: it was originally discovered by Dr. Bader as he was looking for ways to severe burns without skin grafting). The groundbreaking science, coupled with the fact that it delivered noticeable results and its celebrity following (Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham were early fans), soon made the royal-blue glass bottle with the copper lid one of the beauty industry’s most coveted products — to anyone who could afford its hefty $170 price tag, that is.

Since then, the Augustinus Bader range has expanded to include everything from body cream to face oils, but its most recent launch might be the most interesting one yet. On October 26, Augustinus Bader is bringing its TFC8 ingredient to your hair and scalp, with the launch of The Shampoo, The Conditioner, The Leave-In Hair Treatment, The Scalp Treatment, and The Hair Oil, all of which will be available at and select retailers.

Bustle spoke with Dr. Bader and the brand’s CEO, Charles Rosier, to get all the exclusive details.

Augustinus Bader

What Is the Augustinus Bader The Hair Collection?

The new Augustinus Bader The Hair Collection will include five hair products and one hair accessory, The Neem Comb, which the brand recommends using in conjunction with the hair products. Like Augustinus Bader skincare products, all products in the new hair and scalp collection will contain the TFC8 molecule. We’re just going to ask the question everyone’s thinking: how exactly does an ingredient that was created to help the skin regenerate translate to haircare? “While skincare regimens stop at the hairline, the scalp is a specialized type of skin that requires nourishment in order to thrive,” Dr. Bader tells Bustle. “Just as daily stressors impact the complexion, the scalp and fragile hair shaft are subjected to damage from various causes, from aging, environmental aggressors, and nutrition. Our TFC8 technology is formulated to support the body's own intrinsic systems, so it has the versatility to benefit many areas of application.”

On a more basic level, he explains that our hair roots are made up of protein cells, which are nourished by blood from nearby blood vessels and therefore, need to be properly “fed.” “Our technology, and all the other components within our hair line, and specifically The Scalp Treatment, achieve this by creating the best environment for strong and healthy hair and roots,” he says. As a science-based brand, it was critical to both Dr. Bader and Rosier that the brand have clinical trials to back its claims, the results of which they’ve made public. Some impressive snippets: According to trials done with 35 individuals with varying hair types and textures, after four weeks, The Shampoo increased hair strength by 56%, decreased hair follicle clog by 29.81%, and increased hair smoothness by 80.56%; in 8 weeks, The Leave-In Hair Treatment increased hair strength by 152.94% and increased hair strand thickness by 95.92%.

Will It Help Hair Growth?

Along with the TFC8, it was important to Dr. Bader to add in a slew of other natural ingredients proven to boost hair health, help hair growth, and increase follicle strength. For example, neem, which has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine as an antibacterial and antifungal ingredient, and one Dr. Bader claims can also help treat hair loss. “We specifically infused our products with high potential ingredients that support TFC8, such as neem extract, maca root extract, L-arginine, and hazel leaf extract — all known to assist with hair growth,” he says. Along with neem, he also highlights the shikakai extract found in The Shampoo and The Leave-In Treatment, a natural botanical found in Asia that he says “naturally softens, detangles, and refreshes hair, but also keeps the scalp hydrated preventing flakiness, fortifying strands, and supporting growth.”

If hair growth is your ultimate goal, Rosier says your best bet would be the brand’s The Scalp Treatment, which you’re instructed to use two to three times a week and massage in with your fingers or The Neem Comb. “The Scalp Treatment is my favorite product in the collection, as we wanted to help prevent hair thinning and we developed this product to target weak and thinning strands at the root,” says Rosier.

And just as important as the ingredients in the new hair collection are the ingredients purposely left out. “It was important for us to create a collection that is free of any harsh chemicals and preservatives that would harm the hair, scalp, or root and also provides sustainable, long-term benefits for strong and healthy-looking hair,” says Rosier. All products in the range are vegan and free of potentially-irritating ingredients like gluten, sulfates, and fragrances, as well as parabens, silicones, and mineral oils.

Augustinus Bader

The Reviews

The Shampoo and The Conditioner: “I don't normally expect much from shampoo and conditioner besides their main job: cleaning and replenishing the hair. But when I saw how my strands air-dried after using the Augustinus Bader shampoo and conditioner, I realized the two products can (and should) do a lot more. It felt like I had just used a hair mask: My hair was so silky, incredibly shiny, and looked healthier than it has in quite some time. My scalp also felt totally refreshed — there wasn't a drop of buildup, as far as I could tell. The duo basically made my hair feel the way it did before I had to start dyeing it every month, so the fact that I can achieve that level of healthy, gorgeous strands after each shower is enough to make me do whatever it takes to keep these products in my rotation from here on out.” - Rachel Lapidos, senior beauty & lifestyle Editor

The Leave-In Treatment: “My overprocessed, bleached strands drink up leave-in treatments with an endless thirst, and thus, I’ve tried pretty much every formula under the sun. I was surprised by how watery the texture of the leave-in was. Though I usually gravitate towards thicker creams, I did like how easily it absorbed when I applied it on damp hair. It didn’t give as much hydration as I usually need from a leave-in, but I reapplied a few times on dry hair and it did add more softness and hydration without weighing my hair down.” - Faith Xue, executive beauty director

The Hair Oil: “I’ve found my new favorite hair oil. First of all, the formula is completely clear, which I prefer because it won’t affect dull down super-blonde hair. I loved how light this felt — I applied it on damp and dry hair, and both times, my hair drank up the oil instantly. It made my dry, straw-like hair feel really soft and malleable, and I liked mixing it with The Leave-In Treatment for an extra dose of hydration.” - Faith Xue

The Scalp Treatment: “My scalp is always itchy and irritated, probably because I douse it with bleach every month. I used a few drops of this when my scalp was feeling especially itchy one day, and it soothed it instantly and didn’t leave my roots feeling greasy. I’ll need to continue using it for longer to see if there are any hair-strengthening effects, but for now, I love that I have an easy scalp soother on hand.” - Faith Xue

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