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The 2000s Trends Barbie Ferreira Still Loves To Wear

“I literally am not scared of trying new things.”

Barbie Ferreira On '90s & 2000s Fashion Trends & H&M's Color Story Line

Barbie Ferreira knows she’s made some fashion faux pas in the past. In fact, it’s hard to pin down exactly which looks she’s no longer a fan of because there are simply too many to count.

“Oh my God, I wore so many things that I regret,” Ferreira tells Bustle. “But I mean, at the time, it was funny. Like it was worth it because it was funny.”

The 24-year-old Euphoria star reveals that one material in particular is now on her do-not-wear list. “I probably wouldn’t wear latex again,” she says. “I also wouldn’t wear anything fluffy anymore. I was wearing that for a bit — these fluffy dresses that are just really big.”

But Ferreira doesn’t take her fashion regrets too seriously and simply views them as part of the process of refining your personal style. After all, who amongst us hasn’t cringed when looking back at photos from a bygone era?

“I just experiment a lot and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t,” she says. “I literally am not scared of trying new things. A lot of it works. A lot of it absolutely does not work. I also just love to move on. I love to evolve from it and change. I always have a new idea.”

What she definitely would wear, though, is virtually everything from H&M’s latest Color Story collection, now available online and in select stores. Ferreira stars in the campaign for the collection, produced using new dyeing techniques and plant-based pigments, all in an effort to showcase color on apparel in more eco-conscious ways.

“Colors are very important to me in every way, whether it be furniture, clothing, or painting a wall,” she says. “I wear tons of color. I’m not afraid of mixing patterns either.”

The H&M collection is an inventive take on what resembles traditional tie dye. The pieces — like a caped dress and drawstring skirt — are airy, light, and whimsical, evoking the carefree vibes of summer.

“I love the dress that’s super long,” Ferreira says. “I wore the dress with the chain as a belly chain. I use it as a belt and a choker. I go ham with it because I really enjoy accessories.”

As a bonafide style chameleon, she’s tried countless trends, many of which pull inspiration from the 1990s and 2000s. Ahead, Ferreira walks Bustle through some of her favorite — and not-so-favorite — trends from those periods.


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“You know, I don’t hate a flannel. I had a lot of flannels in my life. I don’t know if I’d wear them right now. Oh my god, I went to a Hooters interview when I was 18 once in a giant flannel. Needless to say I did not get the job. That was not what they wanted to see.”


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“Yeah, I still [wear] that to this day. Love.”


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“I like chokers. I mean, now we’ve evolved, I think, as a society past butterfly chokers. It’s about getting creative with it, like how I wear the belly chain as a choker.”


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“I love it. I still [wear them] to this day.”

Tie Dye

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“I like tie dye. I have a couple pastel tie dye tracksuits and stuff. I like the ones that are more modern, kind of like this H&M collection, where it’s white and then it has these really nice pastel colors tie dyed in. It’s just this interesting color way.”